Live chat event with current Underwood International College students!

After a few months of spamming you guys with travelling in Korea and education-related topics, I am finally sharing more about studying in Korea! Hope that you guys don’t mind because I do feel that you can learn more about travelling in Korea as part of student life, and education articles are a way of showing what activities you can join in Korea as a “SNS supporter” of a UNESCO organization.

This “SNS supporters” thing seems quite unique to Korea, basically organizations like to recruit university students to help promote them or some ideas on their own SNS channels. For instance, Wow Korea supporters aim are supposed to promote Korean tourism. And as UNESCO APCEIU supporter I join conferences or events and through writing articles I’m supposed to promote education for international understanding. There are many other organizations recruiting supporters too, such as KOTRA from what I’ve heard. So depending on your interests there are many such organizations you can join, outside of school!

But I digress. The main point of this post is this live event that I’m very excited about! So basically two of my best friends in school, Amalia and Thanh who are running the Woori UIC Youtube channel are planning to hold a live event via Youtube! What this means is that you get to chat with them in real time, and get all the answers to your questions immediately!

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For application to Korean universities, most of them would have 2 stages in reviewing the application. The first stage would be reviewing of the documents that you have submitted (refer to the post on application for more information). You will be granted an interview only if you have passed the first stage in most cases.

If you are an international applicant residing overseas, you would most likely have a phone interview (I had this with UIC for YU Seoul campus) or Skype interview (I had this with EastAsia International College for YU Wonju campus). Different universities have different ways of doing things; your admissions officer would inform you about the type of interview. If it is a Skype interview, please make sure that you are at least wearing a neat top (just like you would if you were going for a live interview in your country).

For the interview, it would be helpful if you prepare some answers beforehand. I’m not telling you to memorize a politically correct answer, but from my own experience I feel that it is useful to prepare oneself first. The most common question would probably be “Why did you choose to do this course?” or “Why do you want to come to this university?”.When answering such questions, you must be very clear as to why you want to do a particular course or why you have chosen this university. Do sufficient research about the university and course of study beforehand to ensure that you know about the university well, and that you’re not applying on impulse. The interviewers would want an answer with conviction and you must convince them that you are genuinely interested in what the university can offer.

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