Useful links

Here are some quick links that will hopefully be of help!!


Universities in Korea:


Ewha Women’s Univ



Korea Univ*



Seoul National University*




Yonsei Underwood International College*

*Denotes schools with Undergraduate programme in English

Underwood International College, Yonsei University

If you’re interested in Underwood International College you should definitely check out their official SNS channels here:




Life in Korea:

Youtube channels

Woori UIC (College life in Korea)

2 Thai Hi Seoul (College Life in Korea, language in Thai)

EatYourKimchi (Korean culture, Kpop)

Expat Kerri (Life in Korea)

Backpacking Travel TV (Travel in Korea)

ROK On! Life and foodspotting in South Korea (Life in Korea)



Since I always take so long to reply and I’m really sorry for that, and also since I don’t blog much about my life here, it might be helpful for you to look at some of my friend’s blogs too! Some of them are under various different programmes and they would have experience and knowledge that I wouldn’t have ^^

Blog by Irene, a Singaporean studying in EIC (Yonsei Wonju campus)

Blog by Mavis, a Singaporean KGSP scholar studying in SNU Business

Blog by Linh, Trang and Hye-in, about life and studying in UIC (Yonsei Sinchon campus and YIC)

Blog by Najwa, about life in Korea and in UIC (she sometimes talks about issues specific to Muslims in Korea such as where to find halal food etc so it might be useful for Muslim friends intending to come to Korea!)

Please leave comments if you find any other useful links that may be of help to others who are interested in coming to Korea! 😀


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