Yonsei University – Daedong Festival + AKARAKA

This time I’m here to talk about school festivals! In particular, I’m going to talk about Yonsei’s festival!

The Daedong Festival (대동제) was held from 9th – 10th May this year. It is held annually in celebration of the anniversary of the school. For the festival, the entire road from the Main Gate of Sinchon campus is closed and it’s filled with booths from different colleges and different student clubs. It’s like a fair actually. There are also stages and bands performing (I think I saw at least 3 as I walked down the road). It’s a really huge event, and not just for Yonseians, but also for the public as well.

Some photos and videos I took:

The main road in Yonsei Sinchon Campus covered with the booths on both sides

A performance I video-ed, she was doing an R&B cover of SHINee’s Juliette. You can really find many talents in Korea..

AKARAKA is held after the Daedong Festival, and this year it was on 11th May. The word “AKARAKA” is sort of like the slogan/motto for Yonsei. Sort of like “Ipselenti” for Korea Univ. Our school cheer is called AKARAKA, here’s a video of it I took:

Yup so basically AKARAKA is one of the most well-known school festivals (well it’s considered part of Daedong Festival) or maybe performance in Korea. My Korean 선생님 said that many Korean students want to enter Yonsei because of AKARAKA. Same goes for Korea Univ (who have their Ipselenti). Basically this is a concert, where students buy tickets (W10,000 each, and tickets are really really difficult to get) and go for the concert.. Each year many famous celebrities are invited. In 2009 Super Junior was invited, in 2010 4 Minute and Beast, in 2011 2NE1. This year we had Baechigi (배치기), PSY, Bada (바다), Kim Jang Hoon (김장훈), Kim Tae Woo (김태우), LeeSsang (리쌍) and TaeTiSeo.

Apart from celebrities performances, we also have performances from our own students, and lots of cheering with our cheerleader team (which is also called AKARAKA. 1 name, 3 uses xD) Cheers in Korean schools are really an interesting thing, it’s not like the cheers I had in high school back in Singapore. It’s more like songs. And the cheerleaders are really cool too! They train really hard and keep jumping around keeping the atmosphere really high! It’s really enjoyable dancing and doing actions and singing along to the cheers 😀 It was really a memorable festival with school spirit running high!! I’ll just include photos and videos so that you can see for yourselves (:

By the way, Yonsei is represented by blue colour, which explains the mass of people all in blue. You see some red because that’s Korea Univ’s colour, and they come invade our festival I mean, we do invite some of them (mostly domestic exchange students) to come (:

One of my (and actually most Yonseians’) favourite school cheers, 사랑한다 연세 (which means I love Yonsei)

The sea of blue~~

The AKARAKA slogan we received 😀

People starting to turn on the torchlights on their phones, really pretty!

It’s really like a concert atmosphere 😀

Performance by LeeSsang! I was kinda sick of the song last year but when everyone is so high and singing it together you feel high as well 😀

Another school cheer, I forgot the name (oops) but it’s for AKARAKA 😀 You can see what I mean about the cheerleaders from here. Even their costumes are different, kind of more anime-like haha.. The cheerleaders are really respected in Korean univs cos they put in so much effort and time..

Here concludes the festival! I heard that Korea University’s Ipselenti is at the end of May… It’s basically the same as our AKARAKA, but my Korean 선생님 who was from Kodae said that the people they invite are less…famous? Haha xD

Anyways, 사랑한다 연세!! ❤


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