For application to Korean universities, most of them would have 2 stages in reviewing the application. The first stage would be reviewing of the documents that you have submitted (refer to the post on application for more information). You will be granted an interview only if you have passed the first stage in most cases.

If you are an international applicant residing overseas, you would most likely have a phone interview (I had this with UIC for YU Seoul campus) or Skype interview (I had this with EastAsia International College for YU Wonju campus). Different universities have different ways of doing things; your admissions officer would inform you about the type of interview. If it is a Skype interview, please make sure that you are at least wearing a neat top (just like you would if you were going for a live interview in your country).

For the interview, it would be helpful if you prepare some answers beforehand. I’m not telling you to memorize a politically correct answer, but from my own experience I feel that it is useful to prepare oneself first. The most common question would probably be “Why did you choose to do this course?” or “Why do you want to come to this university?”.When answering such questions, you must be very clear as to why you want to do a particular course or why you have chosen this university. Do sufficient research about the university and course of study beforehand to ensure that you know about the university well, and that you’re not applying on impulse. The interviewers would want an answer with conviction and you must convince them that you are genuinely interested in what the university can offer.

Some would also ask for your career aspirations. There are also some questions that are more general and personal, such as the last book that you have read or describe one failure that you have had. For questions that ask to potray youself in a negative light (eg failures or weaknesses, etc), you should emphasize on how you have improved or how you overcome the obstacle. It would be best if you can relate your weakness into one of your strengths.

There are also some basic things to take note of in an interview. Remember to smile (if it’s a Skype interview) and thank the professors for taking the time to interview you. Greetings are also important, as Koreans are very polite people.

When answering questions, do not fake your answers. The interviewers can tell if you are lying or not. If you are really sincere about entering the university, a genuine answer would definitely be appreciated. It does not matter if you take a while to ponder about your answer, but remember not to take too long. (Which is why I advocate being prepared ^^)

Another thing you can do to show your interest is to ask the interviewer questions. If you are unsure about some parts of the curriculum, or how the campus life is like, please do ask the interviewers. This would also show that you are enthusiastic about joining the college and that you have the initiative to find out more. But of course, if there are no questions, please do not force yourself to ask some weird questions that may show that you are trying too hard.

If you pass both stages, you would be offered a place in the university! ^^


6 thoughts on “Interview

  1. J.Choi says:

    Hey, I have a quick question. I am planning to transfer for to Yonsei University from Indiana University Bloomington. I got around 3.2 GPA and my SAT are around 1800s. I am U.S. citizen. What do you think is my proprobaility in transferring to Yonsei University??

    • studyinkorea says:

      Hi!! Hmm it depends on whether you intend to transfer to regular Yonsei (where classes are taught in Korean) or UIC (which is the international college). I’m not too sure about the transfer criteria of the regular Yonsei, but you’ll definitely have to do the TOPIK as proof of your command of the Korean language.

      For UIC, if you’re applying as transfer, they will only accept you from junior year onwards (so you would have to had completed 2 years of college previously)… They will evaluate you based on your GPA in university, and less on your SAT score… I would say that a 3.2 isn’t a guaranteed admission, but there’s a good chance… If you have additional bonuses such as leadership positions in clubs that would be a huge plus point too..

  2. Dipesh Silwal says:

    Thank you for your previous response.!
    Also I would like to ask you a question that confuses me,Can I apply now and still get enrolled in September intake courses?Are there any such universities and colleges? Because in other European and American countries we can do so…

    • studyinkorea says:

      Hmm for UIC it’s not possible as the latest intake for Fall semester ends in April. But I’m not too sure about the other universities… The deadline for EIC in Yonsei Wonju campus closes on July 12, maybe you could look at that too (:

  3. Arina says:

    Hello, I have a question. Is it possible to apply to UIC when I already have a bachelor degree? Or is there actually another admission process for people who are looking for a second degree? I’m currently 22 years old and have a degree in computer science, my GPA is 3.53. Will that be enough guarantee for an admission? Thank you so much đŸ™‚

    • studyinkorea says:

      Hi! Wow it’s the first time I’ve encountered someone entering UIC with a second degree, and I’m not so sure about UIC’s policy regarding that.. I do know that they accept transfers after sophomore year though.. It would be best if you contact the admissions officer at to get details about admission via second degree and see if they have that system ^^

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