Advice for Underwood International College students

So this was what led me back to the blog after a year, hopefully it will help prospective students in terms of what to expect and current students in terms of advice and encouragement.

My Top 5 list for “success” at UIC

(1) Being a college student at UIC is not always easy. Things won’t necessarily work out the way you expect them to. See these challenges as part of the experience. Deal with it and you can deal with anything the rest of your life.

(2) If the resources, time, and power you have cannot change the system, use what resources, time, and power you have to work within the system and incrementally make it better.

(3) Your GPA does matter, but worrying about it shouldn’t define your time at UIC. College is also about making friends, going to events, joining clubs that interest you, and, most importantly, enjoying the learning process.

(4) Go to office hours, both academic and career development center.  Meeting your professors is not just talking about course material. You can learn more about yourself in these conversations–your future plans, your strengths and weaknesses–and can get great advice.

(5) Regularly check the UIC announcements on the website. That way you won’t miss faculty colloquial, guest lecturers, internships, research opportunities, and basic course enrollment information.

I put “success” in quotation marks because here I don’t mean success as in say, good GPA or successful graduation from UIC. Perhaps a more fitting title would “Making the most out of the UIC experience” but that doesn’t sound as catchy. I want to take the chance to emphasize that success has no one definition and it’s different for everyone!!

– Signing off till probably next year or next five years, who knows xD


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