[Wow Korea] Taebaeksan Snow Festival

It’s snowed on the first day of December, welcoming us to winter for real and a reminder that Christmas will be here soon! And of course, acting as an encouragement to all of us poor students who are busy cramming for our final exams ㅠㅠ

Korea holds many winter festivals especially since it has such a distinctly long and freezing winter (well, at least to me), and I think most people who talk about the ice fishing festivals in Korea. Personally I am more interested in snow (yes, the tropical kid in me) and so I would like to introduce the Taebaeksan Snow Festival, one of Korea’s major winter festival!

It is definitely fitting to visit Taebaeksan in winter. Located in Gangwon-do, its name roughly translates to “Great White Mountain (태백산;太白山)”, and it boasts one of the most beautiful winter scenery in Korea.

201016145457_태백산정상 주목나무

All I can think of is Narnia when I see this. Or maybe Frozen? ㅋㅋ Source: sunnybe.com

Tour Of Wind

Why do I feel like there is no need for any filters at all to capture this beauty? Source: Daum Blog

And therefore, the Taebaeksan Snow Festival held annually is definitely highly recommended if you are planning to visit Korea in winter! There are snow sculptures exhibitions as well as a range of snow-related activities such as sledding and even Siberian Husky sled ride experience. There is also a hike up Taebaeksan where you can enjoy the full beauty of the winter scene. Food booths offering roasted sweet potatoes and the like are sure to help you experience the most of the Korean winter experience! There is even an igloo cafe where you can pretend that you are an eskimo (kidding about the eskimo ㅋㅋ).

I shall leave you with beautiful photographs from the festival, as I honestly cannot find the right words that does justice to all this beauty.


I would love to try this, just to play with the dogs 😀 Source: Korea.net


Enjoy the hike up Taebaeksan in a winter wonderland! Source: Korea.net


Interesting activities at Taebaeksan Snow Festival include igloo cafe, snow sculpture, and beautiful night lights. Source: Korea.net


The snow sculptures at Taebaeksan Snow Festival. Source: POSCO blog

Source: gaok.or.kr

Snow sculptures at Taebaeksan Snow Festival lighted up at night. Source: gaok.or.kr

Taebaeksan Snow Festival 2015

Date: January 23~February 3rd

Website: http://festival.taebaek.go.kr/event/snow/2011/pages/

How to get there:

1) From Dong Seoul Bus Terminal, take an intercity bus to Taebaek (태백). It costs about W22,900 and takes about 3 hours.
2) From Taebaek Bus Terminal, take a bus bound for Danggol (당골), get off at Taebaeksan Provincial Park (태백산도립공원).


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