[WOW Korea] Winter in Korea = Ski Resorts!

So the weather forecast says that the temperature will drop into the negatives next week, but along with the freezing temperatures there will be snow!

Throwing in a photo of Yonsei in winter ^^

Throwing in a photo of Yonsei in winter ^^

Yes, snow is an integral feature of the Korean winter. It seems like the only thing to look forward to (well, at least for a tropical kid like me xD). It’s the only comfort in the freezing cold anyway. Of course the aftermath of snow is terrible, dirty snow, icy roads, traffic jams, but at least it’s beautiful while it falls.

Thus it would be logical to guess that in this snow-filled winter, ski resort is definitely the place to visit!

Source: Phoenix Park

Phoenix Park, one of the most popular ski resorts in Korea. Source: Phoenix Park

Most Seoulites travel to nearby Gangwondo for skiing, where it is mountainous and see one of the most snowfall in the country. And Phoenix Park located in Pyeongchang, Gangwondo, is one of the most famous ski resorts in Korea! As you may know, Pyeongchang will host the Winter Olympics in 2018, and has slopes that meet international standards for competition. Definitely suitable from beginners all the way to pros!


Beautiful at night too! Source: Phoenix Park


Beautiful view of the snow and mountain ^^ Source: Phoenix Park


And the weather can be great like this too! Source: Phoenix Park

Apart from the ski slopes, Phoenix Park also boasts a 5-star hotel and other entertainment facilities such as bowling alley, karaoke etc and various restaurants to choose from.

Costs (per day):

Lessons: W39,000 for pre-beginners, W90,000 for beginners

Equipment rental: W30,000

Clothes rental: W12,000

Lift: W58,000


Transport is provided from Seoul station, W40,000 for round-trip bus ride.

For more information, you can refer to Phoenix Park website here: https://www.phoenixpark.co.kr/

Happy skiiing!! ^^


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