[Wow Korea] Introducing Wow Korea supporters

So after 5 months of seeing this “Wow Korea” thing on my blog, you guys might be wondering what it is, and what we do!

I think I’ve explained a few times about Wow Korea, basically we are a group of students who post on SNS about traveling in Korea! So we will go on trips (mostly to less explored places in Korea) and we will come back and share about our trip, transport information, etc so that other tourists can access these information easily. In fact, if you go to check the category “Wow Korea” on my blog, you will find records of my trips, as well as some weekly missions that we have to complete that introduces places to visit in Korea as well.

Now that the term is almost coming to an end, we were tasked with creating a video about Wow Korea supporters. So I hope that through this video, you can gain a better idea of what we do, and a better idea of the kinds of groupings you can join if you come to Korea and study!! It is not only about Korea, but we also make friends with people from different countries and have fun together as well!

With that, hope you enjoy the short video that I made, and pardon my already rusty video editing skills! (To be honest I made this in a rush so please pardon me hehe ^^)


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