[APCEIU] Conference on Global Citizenship Education held in Brussels

NgYungHian_기사 사진(11월2째주)

The “Citizens for Global Education, Education for Global Citizenship” Conference was held from 24th to 25th June in Brussels, Belgium. Organised by CONCORD Europe, in partnership with UNESCO, Oxfam International, the North-South Centre of the Council of Europe, Beyond2015, Education International, the Global Campaign for Education, Engagement Global, CIVICUS, 100 European policy-makers, representatives of civil society and researchers participated in the conference with the aim of discussing and contributing to a solid proposal on a Global Citizenship Education (GCE) target in the Post-2015 framework.

Various experts from leading NGOs such as UNESCO and Global Campaign for Education offered their thoughts on GCE, including the concept and monitoring of GCE as well as what is possible within the Post-2015 plans. Where the previous Millennium Development Goals (MDG) had focused on access to education, the Post-2015 agenda needs to focus on quality of education, and Lydia Ruprecht, gender and development policy specialist from UNESCO, emphasized that “Post-2015 education must include steps to overcome discrimination. Quality, accessible education is of utmost importance.”

The conference culminated in the final document of “Brussels Proposal – Towards a new direction for Education,” which highlights the need to “find new ways to reach, inspire and engage learners to focus efforts on equitable, peaceful and sustainable social, economic and ecological solutions to interconnected local & global challenges through Global Citizenship Education.” The participants also called on national governments worldwide to put quality education at the core of the Post-2015 Framework.


지난 6월 24~25일, 콩코드 유럽(CONCORD Europe)주최, 유네스코, 옥스팜 인터내셔널(Oxfam International), 교육을위한 글로벌 캠페인(Global Campaign for Education)등 비정부기구(Non-governmental Organization)가 협조한 “글로벌 교육의 시민, 글로벌 시민의 교육(Citizens for Global Education, Education for Global Citizenship)” 회의가 벨기에 브뤼셀에서 유럽의 정책 입안자, 시민 사회 대표와 연구자 100명 참석한 가운데 열렸다. 이번 회의는2015년 이후 개발협력 프레임워크 (Post-2015 Development Framework)에서 글로벌 시민 교육(Global Citizenship Education)에 대해를 포함하기 위한 목적이다.

유네스코, 교육을위한 글로벌 캠페인(Global Campaign for Education)등 주요한 NGO의 전문가가 글로벌 시민 교육에 대해 도론했다. 지난 밀레니엄 개발 목표 (Millennium Development Goals)는 교육의 제공은 중심이지만 이제 교육의 질은 중심으로 강초해야 하며 유내스코 젠더중심적 접근 정책전문가 리디아 루프레체트 (Lydia Ruprecht)도 “2015년 이후 개발협력 프레임워크 (Post-2015 Development Framework)의 교육은 차별 없이해야 하며 교육질과 접근성은 제일 중요한다”를 강초했다.

이번 회의는 “브뤼셀 제안 – 교육의 새로운 방향 (Brussels Proposal – Towards a new direction for Education),”에서 글로벌 시민 교육을 통해서학습자가 평등한, 평화한, 지속 가능한 지방적과 세계적인 문제의 해답을 찾기 바라다고 했다. 참석자도 각 나라 정부에게 교육질은2015년 이후 개발협력 프레임워크 (Post-2015 Development Framework)의 중심으로 강초했다.

References and related links:

  1. Official website of event: http://deeep.org/conference-on-global-citizenship-education/
  2. European Youth Forum: http://www.youthforum.org/latest-news/the-future-of-education-and-global-citizenship/
  3. Cercle de Coopération: http://cercle.lu/global-education-targets-should-be-included-in-future-development-agenda/
  4. Photo source: http://www.inventors4change.org/2014/07/education-for-global-citizenship.html



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