[WOW Korea] Day 3 – Jeonju, rich in cultural heritage and delicious street food!

[Transport]: Getting to Jeonju

From Express Bus Terminal station (Line 3 and 7), go to the Honam Line (Exit 8 of the subway, to the Central City Terminal) and take a bus for Jeonju. It costs W14,000 and takes about 2 hours 40 minutes to get there.

Alternatively you can take the KTX from Yongsan station, it costs W32,900 and takes 2 hours to get there. The cheaper Mugunghwa trains would cost W17,600 and take 3 hours 15 minutes.


[Attraction] Learning Korean paper art

First activity of the day was learning Korean paper art! We had the chance to make pencil cases from 한지 (Korean traditional paper)! To our surprise, it can stick with just starch water or at least just a little bit of glue ^^ Hanji is one of the prides of Korea due to its durability, where there is an old saying that paper lasts a thousand years and textiles (such as silk or hemp) last five hundred!


Pencil case made from hanji (Korean paper)


It even has hangul on it 😀


Masterpieces of the #wowkoreasupporters ^^

[Attraction] Jeonju Hanok Village

Next we went down to Jeonju Hanok Village~


You know you’re in Hanok village when you see Hanoks all around!


The shops and restaurants are all housed in hanoks

Visited the 경기전 (Gyeonggijeon) which is said to house the spirit of Yi Songgye, founder of Joseon. There are many activities you can try including trying hanbok of royalty and making some traditional paintings. Opposite to this traditional shrine is the 정동성당 (Jeongdong Cathedral), which I have to say is one of the more beautiful cathedrals in Korea with its impressive architecture. It’s really interesting to see how these modern and traditional constructions are just right next to one another, it feels like one is stepping into another era or another world just crossing the road. A must-go if you’re visiting Jeonju!


The 경기전 (Gyeonggijeon) which is said to house the spirit of Yi Songgye, founder of Joseon.


There are many activities you can take part in, including dressing up as royals!


You can also try your hands at traditional paintings!


The Jeongdong cathedral


It’s interior still retains some sort of 19th century feel to it

You may not know it but Jeonju Hanok Village is also famous for its variety of street food!!


Street food in Jeonju Hanok Village!

(From left to right top down) 완자꼬치 skewered meatballs, 다우람 만두 which has various types of mandu including its signature dish prawn mandu, chocopie which has a long queue outside and is different from the Orion/Lotte chocopie you have in mind, rows of macaron for the macaron ice-cream (see bottom right habd corner), 닭꼬치 chicken skewers, rainbow ocean (ice with 5 layers of different fruit syrup to give a fruity slushie!), 딸기찹쌀떡 which combines strawberry and red bean paste into rice cake, and finally 치즈꼬치 cheese skewers which is really an interesting concept.

My personal favorites are 완자꼬치 for its delicious marinate and sauce, and rainbow ocean for a refreshing drink on a hot day (but perhaps not recommended for those who don’t like sweet things). The 치즈꼬치 is an interesting concept and the yoghurt that comes with it makes a better taste too. There are many many more street food which unfortunately I was not able to try, but it’s highly recommended that next time you come to Jeonju, on top of the famous Jeonju bibimbap, you can also leave some stomach space for these delicious street food!

More information on Jeonju Hanok Village: http://english.visitkorea.or.kr/enu/SI/SI_EN_3_1_1_1.jsp?cid=264285


This thus concludes the 3 day tour to Jeollabuk-do! I really enjoyed myself greatly as I learnt a lot more about the places, its history and culture and took part in many activities that I’ve never had the chance to before. I really like Jeonju and the Gimje Horizon Festival, as well as the simplicity in Gochang. Next time you’re in Korea, why not consider visiting these places? ^^


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