[WOW Korea] Singaporean Coffee Shop in Korea?

This week’s WOW Korea mission is to introduce a restaurant with specialty from our home countries. There are not many Singaporean restaurants here, and they tend to be very expensive too so I haven’t been to any of them. So I would instead introduce to you a Singaporean cafe that I have visited a few times!

The first time I saw the word “Kopitiam” (it means coffee shop in Hokkien and it’s a commonly used word in Singapore) while walking along Edae I thought I must have seen it wrongly. But I heard from other Singaporean friends and realised that there was really a “Kopitiam” in Edae!

Kopitiam Singapore Toast and Coffee

They have changed the interior a few times since I started going, but their menu has remained true to Singaporean flavors. It appears to me as a kind of fusion between a Korean cafe where they have the usual Americano and green tea latte, and a Singaporean-style “kopitiam” where we would have coffee or milk tea and some kaya toast to go with it.

Iced milk tea in the summer with kaya toast!

Iced milk tea in the summer with kaya toast!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with kaya, it is made from coconut and sometimes with pandan flavoring, and usually used as spread for toast (something like jam).

Credit: Raffles Hotel

Kaya which is commonly used in Singapore for toast! Credit: Raffles Hotel

Credit: icubed.us

Kaya with pandan flavoring to make it more fragrant! Credit: icubed.us

A traditional Singaporean style breakfast would include some other things such as soft-boiled egg which is unfortunately not offered by this cafe, but it is comforting to know that I have some decent kaya toast and milk tea nearby when I need it.

The cafe is also very conducive for studying (major plus points!!) after quite a thorough renovation in 2013 (in which I was in fear that the cafe was closing down) . There are many “cubicles” where you can either study alone or meet with friends for project meetings, and I would say that it is a very student-friendly place!


Very good use of space there, it’s fun to sit upstairs too!


I love to sit by the window and look down on the streets of edae like this ^^

How to get here

From come out from Exit 3 of  Ewha Women’s University station (Line 2) and walk straight, pay close attention to the second floor and you will be able to see the veranda of the cafe ^^ The stairs are at the alley!


2 thoughts on “[WOW Korea] Singaporean Coffee Shop in Korea?

  1. Sharene says:

    Wow I’m really glad I came across your blog. It’s so difficult to find Singaporeans living in Korea. Or at least those who have a blog to talk about their experiences.

    I am currently learning Korean and I really want to be able to master a business level of Korean eventually. Reading your posts made me feel like even after 10 years of studying Korean, I won’t be able to reach fluency hahah.

    • studyinkorea says:

      Don’t be discouraged!! My level of Korean is improving so slowly because of my circumstances being in an international college and not having a chance to attend language institute. Everyone has different learning abilities and opportunities so don’t give up and keep working hard! ^^

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