Dreaming Korea – Useful website for prospective students

As I always say, I am quite a boring person (no joke!) and I’m been getting increasingly busy with school which means less time for updates, so I am constantly on the lookout for other related websites where you guys can get to know more about student life in Korea or about some other universities.

Recently I was contacted by Dreaming Korea, a website that provides information for students who wish to further their studies in Korea. Looking at their website, I really wish that it had existed at the time I was applying for university! It has basically collated much information about the various universities that you can easily access, and also features some posts about universities or life in general. Now this is important because my experience is mostly about Yonsei University or just Underwood International College, and everything else is what I hear from some of my friends from other universities. But reading interviews from this website you can directly hear from other students in some other universities!

Dreaming Korea

These are the main reasons why I decided to contribute to the website (under Community –> Campus Life) and gave an interview with the website. I guess I never really got down to talking about my life in Korea more personally because I never had the full list of questions before. Perhaps the interview might answer some of your questions too!

URL to the interview:


Also I made an updated post from one of my earlier posts about Yonsei University, so for those of you who are coming or who are interested in Yonsei International Campus, including Songdo, the residential college programme, etc, you might check out the post here: http://edu.eng.dreamingkorea.com/front/plaza/get/getPlazaCateList.do?pgType=blogType&cdPz=PL0005&pId=93

But don’t worry, I will still be updating this blog frequently, in fact more frequently than on the website! One thing about contributing on the website is also so that I can reach out to more people who need the information that I have, so yeah, it doesn’t mean that I will give up on this blog or anything like that.

As usual, feel free to email me at yellowstar39@gmail.com if you have any questions! Sorry for the delay in FAQ and replying emails, my internship in Hong Kong got so busy all of a sudden and I’m trying to get things done before the programme ends in 2 weeks D: But hopefully after the end of the internship I will finally be able to post up the FAQ! In the meantime take care and please wait a little more ^^


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