Useful Links

If you haven’t already noticed, I added a “Useful Links” page a few months ago!


I’ve added links to some of the top 10~15 universities in Korea, and also some Youtube channels I found that covered life in Korea or student life in Korea and things like that.

Hope that it’ll be useful for you guys and have fun exploring! If you have any suggestions for other links to be included, please let me know too! ^^

The weather in Seoul is crazy cold this year, so anyone planning to travel there please dress warm!

I’m also planning to post about some of my favourite eateries (most would be around Sinchon cos that’s where I stay), so yep you can look forward to it! Also contemplating about making a separate post for Yonsei Sinchon Campus (because my previous one was too focused on Yonsei International Campus).

For those applying to the universities, good luck in your applications! ^^


6 thoughts on “Useful Links

  1. Kayla says:

    Korean Yonsei University have a primitive policy in returning original documents after the application process. These documents would need months to replace and costs to travel to cities to get them. Be extra careful when sending in important documents. Yonsei is world class and grand yet have no process in place to do the simplest tasks. Is this the rightful request to begin with? As an MBA candidate that often times analyze operation/systems for local companies, I give them an F!

    • studyinkorea says:

      Hi, I’m not so sure about your situation, but personally I didn’t have to submit my original documents. I only had to submit my copies that are certified as true copies. Korean system is a little different since they request for originals (and usually are not requested to return them), because of some frauds few years back and also because in Korea they can get original certificates from the school easily. Despite their usual “originals-only” policy, they showed flexibility in allowing me (and many other international students) in submitting copies as long as they were certified, since we also were wary of sending originals that are not easy to get from our schools in our country. Perhaps because of that, they don’t have many cases where applicants actually send the originals in and expect them back. I personally don’t think there is any right or wrong (or “primitive” or “modern”), but just a difference in systems in the different countries. But in any case, thank you for your reminder that might be able to help other applicants (:

  2. J says:

    Hi I just chanced about your blog and I have a few questions. To clarify, are you a Singaporean currently studying at Yonsei UIC? I’m interested in sending my application this year and I’m kinda worried about admissions. For UIC, do they focus a lot on the grades and is it very competitive to get in? Rather clueless about the application process and it all seems so complicated! Looking forward to your reply. Oh & thanks for going into all the details about the Korean unis. Really appreciate it! 🙂

    • studyinkorea says:

      Hello! Yes I am a Singaporean currently studying at Yonsei UIC. Your application would be evaluated based on two rounds, document review (200 points) and interview (100 points), and in document review it’s not just your grades, but also other things like CCA, leadership, essays, etc that make up the 200 points, so I wouldn’t say that grades are everything that matter. It is however true that UIC admissions is getting more competitive over the years, but I guess that shows that it is really an education worth you coming all the way here for (: Hope that it was of help! And good luck for your application ^^

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