2013 QS Asia University Rankings

Even if I’m busy usually, I will at least post updates on university rankings when I get wind of them!

Results for the annual QS Asia University Rankings~

(I will only talk about Korean universities!)

The top ranked Korean university this year is Seoul National University at #4, followed by KAIST at #6 and POSTECH at #7. SNU remained at #4 position, but KAIST and POSTECH did climb up the rankings by 1 and 2 places respectively. These are the only 3 Korean universities in Top 10.

Yonsei is #16 this year, Korea University at #19 and Sungkyunkwan at #21.Both Korea University and Sungkyunkwan also made improvements in the rankings this year while Yonsei maintained its position.

Kyung Hee is ranked at #35 and Hanyang University at #36. Ewha Women’s University comes in at #40, which concludes the list in the Top 50. Kyung Hee has made great improvements, being ranked below the latter 2 universities at #41 last year but leaping up the rankings this year.

For the complete list, please go to the QS University Rankings website here.

There was also an article written on the best universities in Asia for Arts and Humanities. Seoul National University was mentioned in the article in the 6th place, and it was also noted that SNU had ranked in the Top 10 for all 5 individual subject areas.

Also in the list were Korea University (#12), Yonsei (#14), Sungkyunkwan (#25), Hankuk (Korea) University of Foreign Studies (#27), Ewha Women’s University (#30), Kyung Hee (#45).

For the complete list of the best universities in Asia for Arts and Humanities, please visit the QS University Rankings website here.

Lastly, rankings based on Social Sciences and Management! Again, Seoul National University was in the top 10, coming in at #5. Others include Yonsei (#14), Korea Univ (#15), Sungkyunkwan (#25), KAIST (#28), Dongguk University (#41), Sogang University (#42), Kyung Hee (#46), Ewha Women’s University (#48). Seems like Korean universities are stronger in the Social Sciences and Management (:

For the complete list of top universities in Asia for Social Sciences and Management, please visit the website here.

That’s about it! So many rankings and lists for all of you to look at ^^


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