Yonsei UIC Summer Programme (for high school students)

Yup, that’s exactly what it is! For all you high school students out there who are confused and wondering about how studying in Korea would be like, this is a great opportunity for you to experience it yourself!

Yonsei UIC now has a 3-week summer programme that allows you to experience what life in Korea would be like!! I personally think that it’s a really good opportunity, whether you eventually decide to study at UIC or Yonsei or not. Many students ask me about how life is like in Korea, but sometimes it’s really difficult to talk about it because #1 I don’t know where to start from, there’s just too many things, #2 the experience differs for everyone and it also really depends on individual’s personal preference too. So I personally feel that the best would be for you to experience it yourself and decide if life of a student in Korea is suitable for you!!

Most of the details are in the website here, but I’d just talk a little about it.

It’s a 3 week programme where you’ll have Korean classes, special lectures from professors about Korea, cultural activities (Kpop dance, taekwondo, etc) and fieldtrips on Saturdays. You will be in the Yonsei International Campus in Songdo, Incheon, and for students planning to attend UIC or Yonsei, it’s a great opportunity to see for yourself what the Songdo campus is like and how it is not as deserted as many people think. Even for students not planning to attend UIC or Yonsei, it’s a good opportunity to experience what residential college life is like, and basically how living in the dorms will be like. There are also RA (residential advisors) programmes as part of the residential college life that are sure to be fun!! You’d be going to Sinchon campus on Wednesdays too, and you’ll have to chance to look around Seoul as well, not just Incheon.

If I had the resources and the opportunity, I would definitely have gone for this programme if it was offered in my time keke. If you’re interested in studying in Korea, it’s definitely best to experience it firsthand!!

The website as follows:


On a side note, I know I’ve promised a post about Yonsei Sinchon campus, but now that I think about it, I don’t have photos from Spring and Summer in Sinchon yet >< It’s reaaaaaally pretty in Spring when all the flowers on campus bloom, so I think it’d be best if I save the post till I get the pretty pictures!! Till then, I hope that this post would be able to come of help for those wanting a firsthand experience ^^


5 thoughts on “Yonsei UIC Summer Programme (for high school students)

  1. Wong Rui Xuan says:

    Hi I came across your blog while researching for my holiday 😀 I’m currently waiting for my A level results and considering applying for UIC amongst other unis but I’m not very sure and I have a lot of questions. Do you mind helping me answer some of my concerns? Thanks in advance!

  2. gingy says:

    Hi,this might not be related to your blog post but i am interested to study business in Korea.I am interested in Yonsei University and Sungkyunkwan University.I would like to know how much it will cost to study in Yonsei for undergrad and how much is the rent for a year.I have searched online but information on this is not very clear so i was hoping you would have information on this 🙂 Thanks in advance 🙂

    • studyinkorea says:

      Hi Gingy!! Sorry for the late reply T_____T For Yonsei it depends on the major you intend to take, for UIC it’s about W14,000,000 per year but ours is the most expensive college in Yonsei (apart from College of Medicine) so it’ll be good if you can specify which major you intend to take (: Rent in the dormitories in Sinchon campus varies from about W800,000~W1,700,000 per semester (: As for Sungkyunkwan university, you can refer to their website here: http://www.skku.edu/eng/ and look under admissions >> undergraduate. Hope that helped!! ^^

  3. Joseph says:

    Hey Gingy, it seems as if the blogger is busy.
    I’ll answer your question in replacement of him.

    For Yonsei UIC program, the housing costs KRW 736,000 (Approx. USD 693)
    As for the tuition fees, the undergraduate program costs no more than KRW 3,500,000 (Approx. USD 3100)

    Sungkyunkwan University is probably similar if not a little bit cheaper.

    All in all, the tuition fees vary from which major you are applying for. I suggest you give the admission officers an email!

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