[Promotion] Irene’s Diary, a blog about life of a girl studying abroad in Korea!

So….my Singaporean friend in Korea (whom I got to know through this blog when I first started it and now we’re both happy and all in Korea :D) has just started a blog on her own!

The reason why I’m promoting her blog is because while my blog is mostly education-centered and about Korean universities, I get many emails and questions about life in Korea in general. Since I don’t have the discipline and talent to blog about such things (cos I’m a boring person :P), I thought it would be good to give you a link to my friend’s blog so that you can kind of see how life is like in Korea ^^

She’ll blog about things like fashion, beauty and cosmetics (international and Korean brands), Kpop music etc so if you’re interested in such stuff do visit her blog! She’s also doing a survey to see what readers would like her to blog about so if there’s anything else you’re interested in you can indicate it in the survey too!

The blog link here: http://www.irenesiah.blogspot.kr/

On another note, I’ve been contemplating updating about Yonsei University Sinchon campus now that I’m here, and while I’m at it, I should do up a post on Edae as well.. But school is crazy busy so I have to put those ideas on hold >< And to those who have sent me emails, please pardon the late replies!! I tend to write long emails that take time so when I’m busy with school I tend to take 1~2 weeks to reply T___T

Have a good week/month everyone, and I hope I’ll have time to start posting again! (:


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