Korean Food #3: Ddeokbokki (Korean Rice Cake)

Sorry I’ve been busy with work recently so I haven’t had time to update… But now I’m going to tempt you with good food :DD

This can be found in any street stall in Korea…

Ddeokbokki! 덕볶이! Korean Rice Cake!

Warning: It’s really spicy! I haven’t had any that’s of moderate spiciness in Korea ><

Basically it’s stir fried rice cakes in spicy sauce 😀 It’s really chewy and it’s usually served with fish cake and vegetables! My friend loves it.. It can be found in any street stall, restaurant, etc, really anywhere!!

Koreans also have rice cake cooked in soup (ddeokguk) on Lunar New Year (Seollal).

Personally I prefer ddeokguk 😀 Another friend of mine loveeeeeees ddeok ramyeon (rice cakes in instant noodles) haha..

Speaking of friend, a close friend of mine got accepted into Edae exchange programme for this Fall!!! Yayyye!!! This means that I can give you more information about Edae after she comes ^^ And I should probably get started on my Yonsei post too haha oops..

Okay back to the topic, let’s not forget Super Junior introducing ddeokbokki!! Seriously they make my life easier cos they already introduced it all haha.. All I know about the food is the taste 😛



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