Fall (Autumn) in Korea

I know it’s the dead of winter now in Korea but I had to start with a season I experienced first when I got to Korea ;D

Fall in Korea starts around late September and ends around mid November.. Although they always say that Fall starts in September, that’s not true cos it’s still as hot as summer the whole of September ==” And though they say winter officially starts in December, we’re already all freezing by the end of November >< (20th Nov was the most memorable, it was like 0°C that day ㅠㅠ)

The temperatures during autumn are pretty cool, usually in the range of low 20°C in the beginning and reaching about 10°C towards the end of the season… It’s a really enjoyable season in the beginning, but as it slowly drops towards 10°C and with the wind, you might start to feel cold D:

The thing about the weather in Korea is that it’s unpredictable. It can be pretty okay this week but turn cold all of the sudden the next, and just when you’re prepared to wear more clothes it’s warm again, and when you naively go out in thin clothes it becomes cold again. Yes, it’s this irritating. Which is why it’s absolutely necessary to check the weather forecast so that you can be prepared for the next day’s unpredictable weather.

But anyway, contrary to popular belief (or at least, the beliefs of a young girl from a tropical country :P) it doesn’t rain a lot. And even when it rains, it doesn’t pour like tropical thunderstorms (unless there are typhoons). It’s mostly light drizzles that I wouldn’t bother taking my umbrella out for 😛 But it’s always good to bring an umbrella out if you plan on going shopping at Myeongdong or Edae or any of those shopping streets without shelter (:

Instead of rain, the wind is the scariest. The temperature can be pretty good, but when the wind blows….you feel like you’ll get blown away D: Many times I had to fight with the wind while walking, and other times I just felt like it was freezing (because I hadn’t experienced the REAL freezing experience in winter yet ==”) Well, there’s no way to get around this, you just have to bear with it D:

Now to describe the sights… I really loved Fall, for I had never seen such beautiful sights in the streets… The beautiful yellow and red leaves on the trees, littering the ground are truly a sight to behold. You don’t even have to go to a park to see it, even the streets along the road look like they’re from a storybook… The leaves changes colours around mid-October… I’ll just upload some photos I took so that you can see them for yourselves 😀

This was taken along the streets of Hongdae in late Oct 😀

And the photos below were taken in Incheon Grand Park in early Nov 😀 It’s really really pretty!!

And there’s one thing about the season that I noticed, which is THE trench coat. The coat that all the girls (my age) are wearing.

Many colours, many “designs”, but essentially the same thing. Seriously. There’s usually 2 layers, in Fall, they wear it without the fur padding, and in winter, they wear it with the fur padding. It’s really really warm though (I have one too :P) You can find it anywhere, and depending on where you go, it costs between W70,000 (at Bupyeong) and W150,000 (at Dongdaemun Migliore)..

The guys would wear “baseball jackets” which actually every college has. We call them our varsity jackets. They’re good from late Fall to early Winter, but when the temperatures drop to the negatives it’s better to wear something thicker.

So sorry I can’t find a better photo D: I left mine in Korea (I’m home in SG now for winter break :D) so I couldn’t take a photo of mine D: Anyway there are variations of this baseball jacket, some with normal designs that are not varsity jackets ^^

Anyway, here concludes the post about Korea’s autumn; I’ll do up the one for winter after I go back to Korea. After all it’s still winter in Korea in Feb. Meanwhile I’ll just swim around in SG’s heat for the next 2 months ㅠㅠ


39 thoughts on “Fall (Autumn) in Korea

    • studyinkorea says:

      The winter one with the fur layer inside as well as the padded trench coat on the outside would be good enough for late Dec – early Jan.. That is of course, with thermal wear and some layering such as sweaters (:

  1. nurul says:

    i plan to go to korea this sept until early october (29th sept to 7th oct) and i try to find a coat just like the picture. heheh. but its quite expensive in my country. since the weather is not so cold, would you think that simple sweater made of cotton will be enough? or should i take a wool coat? ps: the leaves will change from mid of oct? T___T i’ll be dying to see that

    • studyinkorea says:

      The weather in late sept to early oct would probably be around 15degs or so, so I think a cotton sweater with maybe a layer or two should be able to keep you warm (: It also depends on whether you’re someone who’s afraid of the cold (: Yup the leaves usually change colors around mid Oct!! ^^

  2. Yuan says:

    Hello! I am going Korea on Oct 9-18, do you think I can see autumn leaves already? I still feel confused about what to wear in Korea! Will a cashmere cardigan be enough? Or a cashmere trenchcoat (heavy!) Do people wear knitted scarf by then? Hope to hear from you soon! MANY THANKS!

    • studyinkorea says:

      Hi! It really depends on the conditions this year, depending on how fast it gets cold. But generally by mid-October you should be able to see the autumn leaves already ^^ Early to mid Oct would still be pretty good weather, will probably be about 15~20degs? A cashmere cardigan will definitely not be enough for 15degs (especially at night with no sun, especially with the wind) But a cashmere trenchcoat might be a little too warm for it too. Maybe you can try getting wool sweaters/cardigans just in case it’s cold at night. Before you leave just check the temperatures regularly so that you know what kind of temperature to expect and what to wear accordingly (: But people definitely don’t wear knitted scarves then. Maybe the thinner ones (:

    • studyinkorea says:

      The weather has been getting a little colder than usual lately, so it is quite possible that it will be colder much earlier this year too. The first snow came in mid-November last year, and it was averaging 5 degs then. It might be the same this year or even colder. So you would definitely need some down jackets if you have them, thermal wear (they work miracles), and gloves so that your fingers don’t freeze D: Scarves too if you have them, because much of your body heat can be lost through the neck as well so it’s important to keep it warm there (:

  3. tanleemin says:

    Hi! It’s nice to read this blog post of yours! 🙂 I’m going to South Korea on coming 22 Sept till 30 Sept. However I’m having a headache on what I should wear when I am over there. Do you have any recommendations? Do I need to bring thick clothings or a cardigan would be enough?

    • studyinkorea says:

      Hello! I’m so sorry that I only saw this today, but if it helps, please remember to have at least a cardigan (if not a slightly thicker jacket) with you all the time! Day and night temperatures can be quite different..

  4. as says:

    hi im leaving for korea on 21st oct.and i havent started packing yet.how is the weather over there?is it really cold and windy?or its not so cold?
    would you kindly suggest what should i be wearing.thanks 🙂

    • studyinkorea says:

      The weather has been crazy recently (I have never experienced below 10degs in October but it happened this week D:) The average temp in the day would probably be about 15degs or so, and the day and night temperature difference is high (about 10degs difference). If you have a thick coat or down jacket please bring one for the cold at night (if you’re someone who is usually afraid of the cold), and also bring sweaters or if you prefer, wear more layers..

    • studyinkorea says:

      Currently the temperature can get to around 10degs in the morning/at night, so I would think that by the end of Nov it can get to 0degs (it’s cold really early this year ><) So I would advise to pack more jackets for winter, a down jacket would be good. Plus thermal wear too. Also keep checking the weather forecast for the temperatures to be better prepared (:

  5. Muhammad Azhar says:

    Hi I’ll be visiting seoul from 30th of September to 9 October. This is my first time experiencing autumn and I’m not sure what to wear.

  6. joy says:


    I know you are getting lots of these questions but I would really appreciate if you can help me with mine ! I’ll be in Seoul 31st Oct till 8th November – any idea what will the temperature be like? Will a trench coat be sufficient ? Do you think we will need gloves? Does it rain alot during that period ?

    Also, will there be summer clothes available for sale during that period ?

    Thanks !!


    • studyinkorea says:

      It’s probably going to be averaging around 10 degrees or so, for now it’s still about 20+ degs in the day but gets really cold at night (around 10 degs). Depending on your tolerance for cold trench coat might not be enough! Probably don’t need gloves, but a scarf would do wonders ^^

      Summer clothes would probably be all out by then, unless F21 etc is have some remaining clear out sale or something D:

  7. Jessica says:

    Hi dear, I am going to Busan and Jeju Island on 24/10 – 2/11? Can you please advise the what to ware and how is the temperatures? Thanks a lot!

    • studyinkorea says:

      I’m not so sure about Busan since I’m in Seoul, but I heard the wind there is really strong. It will probably average 10 degs. Make sure you have a coat and using scarves would help!

    • studyinkorea says:

      A trench coat would probably do, and if you’re less tolerant of the cold perhaps a light autumn scarf. Day and night temperature range is pretty wide so even if it seems hot in the day do bring around a coat in case it gets cold at night!

      • melati says:

        I would really appreciate if you can help me with mine ! I’ll be in Busan Jeju and Seoul on 6th till 12th November – any idea what will the temperature be like? and any advised what to wear?

        • studyinkorea says:

          It’ll probably be around 10-15 degs on average, but will be colder at night. Bring a coat and some heat-tech if you’re really afraid of the cold! I can’t say for Busan and Jeju though but the winds there are strong so it’s better to be safe (:

  8. Queenie says:

    Hello, hope you can help us..how are the leaves now? Are they on full autumn colors? we will be there on November 6-10..do you think we could still see nice autumn leaves by then? Which is better?jade garden or the garden of morning calm?

    • studyinkorea says:

      Hello! Sorry I’m a little late but the leaves are still around! I haven’t heard of Jade Garden but garden of morning calm is pretty I heard. But for fall most people go to Sky Garden (near World Cup stadium) too for the silver grass ^^ Hope you enjoyed your time in Korea!

  9. Azyan says:

    Based on your post, I’m assuming Winter hasn’t start yet in November right? Would we be able to experience snow if we are to be in Seoul, Jeju Island from 14th to 20th November?

    • studyinkorea says:

      Winter more or less comes around mid-November.. But if you’re in Seoul from 14th to 20th you might experience the first snow if you’re lucky! So it’s not a guarantee that there will be snow though. If you go to places like Gangwondo the chances of snow would be higher during that time ^^

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