Korean Food #2: Kimchi

Here comes another post (cos I’m taking a break before my last day of finals yayyye :DD)!!

Kimchi is probably the national dish of Korea. No matter where you go, you’ll find Kimchi in every restaurant!!

김치김치!! The Korean version of “Say cheese” (when you’re taking a photo) is “Kimchi!” xD

It may appear scary to some, but don’t worry, eating kimchi = heaven xD It’s commonly found as a side dish in Korean restaurants. Speaking of side dishes, let’s digress a little.

Korean restaurants usually provide an array of side dishes to have with your food. Depending on where you go, it can vary from 3 side dishes to a full spread of 10 side dishes. Common side dishes are kimchi, spicy turnip, some form of seaweed, yellow pickles, etc.

Okay the one in the foreground is bibimbap. Ignore it xD Look at the back!!

Most Koreans make kimchi themselves at home. It’s pretty easy to make (I’ve tried it :D) but the most important is the amount of each ingredient to add. Kimchi is made up of mainly Chinese lettuce, red pepper paste, salt, and sometimes turnip and spring onions are added too. It’s spicy and sour (after fermenting), and so if you make it yourself you can choose how spicy to make it 😀 Personally, I prefer sour kimchi, so I would keep it in the fridge for a longer time 😀

Kimchi making!! Just mix it all!! 😀

Koreans love kimchi. I see them eating Kimchi every meal O.O They even eat it on its own! There are a few hundred varieties of kimchi in Korea. There’s even a Kimchi Museum at COEX Mall! If you’re also a lover of Kimchi, do visit it, though I haven’t been there yet xD More info here.

And here’s Super Junior introducing Kimchi for more information about Kimchi that a non-Korean like me doesn’t know xD

Kimchi is the best food ever invented. What else can you binge on like a snack without fear that it’s unhealthy? 😀


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