Joongang Ilbo Korean University Ranking 2011

Okay I know that they released this last month (my professor was talking about it hehe) but I was too lazy/busy that I forgot to post it 😛

In 1st place we have KAIST with 293 points!

2nd place was POSTEC with 275 points. Both KAIST and POSTEC are more “science” centric universities.

In 3rd place there’s SNU with 252 points, 4th is Yonsei (Seoul) (yayye!!) with 251 points!

5th is a tie between KU (Anam) and Sungkyunkwan University which was 6th last year but caught up with Kodae. Both have 245 points.

7th is Kyunghee University with 239 points, 8th is Hanyang University with 235 points, 9th is Sogang university with 231 points. Sogang and Hanyang were in each other’s position last year (meaning Hanyang went up and Sogang went down in the charts…)

10th is Choongang University (Seoul) with 228 points (who were ranked 12 last year)!

Credits to Korean Universities Ranking’s blog! Pretty useful blog with Korean universities’ rankings (QS, Times, etc) that you can check out (:

For more information on some Korean universities you can also check out this short post.

I’ll be back!!! In the midst of midterms T_____T


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