Attending Korean Music Shows

I know this blog is called “studyinkorea”, but I’ll just group Kpop in as part of the culture. Mostly because I just want to clear up the misunderstanding about attending Korean music shows.

What the fansites have been telling us is that for admission into Music Bank and Inkigayo, admission tickets are required. To obtain these admission tickets, you’ll have to apply on KBS and SBS websites respectively and hope to get chosen based on balloting. For Mcountdown, you only need to bring the album and queue super early to ensure that you can get in and for Music Core, you queue with your own fanclub with the album and the fanclub leader will ask you questions about the group to ensure that you’re a fan. For the admission tickets, those are for the live show, and to apply you need to at least have an Alien Registration Number.

Firstly, for all the music shows, there are prerecordings. Parts of what you see on TV broadcast is what was filmed during the prerecording. Please check the official websites of the group you’re interested in to check if there is a prerecording scheduled and what time it is. If you want to enter for the prerecording, this is what you need (at least, for the ELF):

E1 (All 4 items are required): Official ELF membership card, proof of digital purchase of the title track, caller tone of title track, the album

E2: Official ELF membership card + 2 out of the 3 other items

E3: Official ELF membership card + 1 out of the 3 other items

E4: Official ELF membership card

E5 (All 3 items required for non- fanclub members): Proof of digital purchase of the title track, caller tone of title track, the album

E6: 2 out of the 3 abovementioned items

E7: 1 out of the 3 abovementioned items

(Always check the official website for detailed and updated requirements)

For different fanclubs the requirements are different, so please check the official website of the artiste for details..

So what happens is the fanclub leader will take down names, so please go look for the ones responsible for taking down your names in order. We reached SBS at around 7am, and we were #203 and #204. My friend reached KBS at 6am and she was #110++.  We reached MBC around 8am and we were #133 and #134. It really depends on the day you go, sometimes there might be more fans, sometimes there might be less. The leader will do a roll call (they will inform you of the time), and everyone will get in line and wait.

For Inkigayo, we were let into the studio at around 10-10.30am, and we came out about 12-12.30pm (because we saw both Sistar and Super Junior). It was longer for Music Core, we went in around 10am and came out only at 1.45pm because we saw Brown Eyed Girls, a two-member girl group (who I don’t know and it’s not Davichi), Super Junior A-Cha and Special Stage with Kim Janghoon. It varies week by week, so you will have the check the official website for the group you want to see for announcements of what time the recording will be. I’m not very sure how it works for the other groups, but for Super Junior it’s like that (:

When a group doesn’t have enough fans, staff will let another larger fanclub in to help cheer for them. That is not to say that I dislike Sistar, I really like them a lot and I cheered for them too, but I was shocked that they didn’t have many fans :/ Same goes for Brown Eyed Girls..

For Inkigayo, there are spaces for the MCs too. (:

To enter the live show, you have to be the first few in line. Last week, 80 ELFs were allowed in for the live recording, out of about 250-300 fans… If you go for Music Core chances are higher that you can get into the live show because the recording studio is bigger. The number varies from week to week depending on who is having a comeback and stuff like that.. Because for the live show, all the fanclubs will be let in, so there will be lesser fans from each fanclub allowed in. During the live show, some of the idols will play around and have fun if they have already prerecorded since it’s not being broadcasted anyway (:

Location of the broadcast stations:

1. Mnet: Come out from Digital Media City station on Airport Railroad Exit 2, cross the road to take any of the buses, alight at the 3rd stop.

2. KBS: Yeouido, come out from National Assembly station on Line 9 Exit 4.

3. MBC: Ilsan, come out from Jeongbalsan Station on Line 3 Exit 1 (the one labeled “MBC Dream Center”, walk straight following the blue road signs giving directions to MBC Dream Center (that is, MBC 드림센터) and turn right after around 3 intersections, walk straight and you’ll be able to see MBC, cross the road and you’ll reach there (:

4. SBS: Gayang, come out from Gayang station on Line 9 Exit 10, go up the escalators and when you reach the streets, turn left and walk straight, you’ll see a large group of teenage girls already queuing there


4 thoughts on “Attending Korean Music Shows

  1. xx says:

    Hi, you have any information about BEG fan club or any restriction when going to Inkigayo? I want to go there this coming week but i am not sure if they will allow me to enter a not. 🙂

    Thank you ^^

    • studyinkorea says:

      I’m not too sure about BEG but I’m very sure that you definitely need to bring their repackage album (which is the latest album).. You should also check on their official website whether they will be having a pre-recording (and at what time) or whether they’ll be going for the live show straight (and in that case you should be at SBS around 2.30-3pm..) Good luck and hope you enjoy yourself!! 😀

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