School Term in Korea

The school term for universities is generally separated into two halves for one academic year, the Spring Semester and the Fall Semester. There are intakes for both Spring and Fall each year, where each semester is about 4 months. Vacations are in Summer and Winter, with each vacation each spanning about 2 months.

There are also summer and winter classes, and many Korean universities offer Korean Language Courses in summer and winter for international students. So if you’re already in university and you’re keen on spending your vacation learning Korean, why not apply to summer classes to pick up the language in Korea? Universities that offer such courses include, SNU, YU, KU, Edae, Kyunghee just to name a few. Many other universities in Korea offers such courses too.

Spring semester starts in March and ends in late June. The summer vacations will then take place till late-Aug. Fall semester will begin September and end in late-December, and the winter break ends in late-February.

There are mid-term examinations that take place in the middle of the semester and finals that take place nearing the end of the semester.

There are public holidays to take note of in Korea:

1st Jan: New Year’s Day

Jan-Feb: Lunar New Year or Seollal (The start of the Lunar New Year varies every year, and so the holiday falls between January to February as well, and it is a public holiday for a period of 3 days.)

1st Mar: Independence Day

5th May: Children’s Day

May-Jun: Buddha’s Birthday (This is another holiday that uses the Lunar Calendar, so it varies from year to year. This day falls on the 8th day of the 4th Lunar month.)

6th Jun: Memorial Day

15th Aug: Liberation Day

Aug-Sep: Mid-Autumn Festival or Chuseok (This depends on the Lunar Calendar too, falling on the 15th day of the 8th Lunar month. It is also a 3-day holiday.)

3rd Oct: National Foundation Day

9th Oct: Hangul Day

25th Dec: Christmas Day


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