Korean Universities

The first step to studying in Korea: learning about Korean Universities!

The best university in Korea is no doubt Seoul National University (SNU). Many Korean high school students dream of entering this university! My friend’s Korean friend even retook his Korean SATs just to attempt to enter SNU! In that year he went to some kind of camp/dorm with only a bed and a desk (the bare essentials) so that he can concentrate on studying. Unbelievable.

Seoul National University

Next in line would be between Yonsei University and Korea University. According to QS World Rankings, Yonsei University is ranked before Korea University though. Both are private universities, with higher tuition fees compared to public universities (such as SNU). Compared to SNU, YU and KU are located closer to downtown Seoul (YU in Sinchon and KU in Anam). YU and KU also offer courses in English too, unlike SNU. YU has Underwood International College, a liberal arts honours college that conducts courses in English. KU also has an International Studies division that offers courses conducted in English. Traditionally, there has also been this rivalry between these 2 universities, and every year there’s a Yon-Ko games mostly made up of competing sports such as hockey and baseball. SNU, KU and YU are regarded as the 3 most prestigious universities in Korea, gaining the acronym “SKY”. There are many notable alumni from these 3 universities.

Korea University

Yonsei University

Then there’s also Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), also a public university located in Daejeon. It is ranked #1 according to Joongang Ilbo University Rankings. KAIST focuses more on the Sciences (as you probably can already tell from the name of the institute) so if you intend to pursue a major in the Sciences, KAIST is definitely one you should consider.


If you’re looking for another university in downtown Seoul, and you’re female, you can consider Ewha Women’s University (Edae) as well. It’s located beside YU and has a shopping street at its gates! It’s regarded as the best women’s university in Korea.

Ewha Women’s University

These are just very short introductions, I’ll be doing up posts of each uni separately in more detail subsequently ^^ As for the other universities, I don’t know much about them so I will not post about them until I learn more (probably when I’m in Korea ^^)


7 thoughts on “Korean Universities

  1. Faith Choo says:

    Hi there, I’ve been an avid reader of your blog ever since I set my heart on studying in Korea. However, the dearth of info on the web for international/SG students looking to study undergrad Medicine in the SKY unis, and the poor/lack of response from the unis themselves (when I emailed them) has led me to ask you for help. Do you happen to know any international students studying Med in SKY?

    Thank you! 🙂

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