Since speaking from experience is most accurate, most of this post would be based on my application to Yonsei University Underwood International College.

Based on experience (of my own), the application deadline for Fall Semester is late March to mid April. Except the Yonsei University Wonju campus that had a 8th March deadline. For us Singaporeans it means that we have about 1 month in general to apply for the university after the release of A Level results (usually on the first Friday of March).

Common documents required:

1. Application form with passport size photo attached

This is where you fill in your name, age, etc.

2. Results Slip

It can be your GCE A Level, IB, SAT I, SAT II, etc results, an exam that you have taken as a major exam at the end of 12 years of schooling. Some may require your GCE O Level/IP results as well.

3. High School (Junior College equivalent) and/or Middle School (Secondary School equivalent) transcript

In the Singaporean context, JC transcript would be your Prelim transcript. Secondary School transcript would be the O Level cert or IP Results Slip (remember to also submit the explanatory letter about IP issued by MOE as well!) Some may require you to submit your testimonial too!

4. Teacher’s Recommendation (1 or 2 depending on the school’s requirements)

Most universities would have a form for you to get your teacher to fill in. The teacher is expected to seal up the letter in an envelope and it is best if he/she signs on the flap to ensure that it has not been opened. If the confidentiality of the letter is compromised, the letter may be considered invalid. So even if you’re dying of curiosity to know what your teacher think of you, please refrain from opening the envelope and reading it! Universities would encourage the teachers to send out the letter once they’re done with it but as a student, you should either provide your teacher with the stamp or mail it out yourself. You owe your teachers a lot for their guidance, and now they’re helping you write recommendations, so it’s only right that you mail it out for them. Some schools may have their own set of protocols, so please also check with your school if you’re unsure. Also remember that your teachers are also busy with their own stuff and teaching your juniors, so please don’t expect them to be able to complete in a day! Give them about 2 weeks to complete it, if your teacher completes it beforehand I’m sure he/she will not hesitate to pass it to you or whatever your school protocol is ^^

5. Essays

For Yonsei University Underwood International College (UIC), I had to write two essays, one 400-500 words and one less than 250 words, in English naturally. I’m not too sure about the other universities.

6. Certificates of Achievements

For Singaporean students, this is where all your certs come in! Your CCA cert, CIP cert, Math Olympiad, Piano, Violin, Ballet, etc can all be submitted! But please note the requirement of your school, as some only ask for academic achievements so your piano, violins, etc cannot be used in this case ):

Of course, this is just a general list; if you are really applying, please read the requirements carefully as the universities may not entertain missing documents.

Another important thing: you obviously cannot submit the original copy of these precious documents right? So what do you do?

For Singaporean students, please photocopy your results slip, transcript, testimonials, certs and go down to your school and ask the general office to certify your copies as true copies (just tell them that you want to “certify true copy” :D) Do remember to bring your originals as well! (I remember cabbing all the way home from Bukit Timah to Yishun and back again cos I forgot to bring my originals T______T) Basically the person will check that your copy is correct and unchanged from your original, then stamp something like “Certified True Copy” on the copy ^^

Some schools would require a Consular Confirmation. This means that you have to go down to the Consular Section of the Korean Embassy to get the Consular Confirmation that the copies are correct and true. But before that, you will have to go down to a legal office to get a “Notary Public” stamp on your copies. (Yeah I didn’t know that so I made many trips T________T)

So what is this Notary Public thing? It’s just that you have to travel down to a legal office (I was recommended this one by the lady at the Korean Embassy) that is recognised and authorised by the Korean Embassy to get this “Notary Public”. It’s another form of certifying that your copy is true. I went to Balkenende Chew & Chia (Tel. no: 67342662) to get it, as the lady Margaret Chew, Advocate & Solicitor, Commissioner for Oath Notary Public, is authorized and recognised by the Korean Embassy in Singapore. Each stamp+her signature (ie each piece of paper you need her to give the notary public) costs $5.

After you get your notary public, you travel down to the Korean Embassy. The Korean Embassy in Singapore is at Newton. What you do is to get off at Newton MRT station, turn left upon exiting and head up to Scotts Road. Take the escalator up, turn right and walk straight down, towards the Prudential building. Goldbell Towers is the next building, and you’ll see the South Korean flag, indicating that you’re at the right building. You will have to exchange for a pass at the security post. The consular section is on the 5th floor, and it’s open from 9am to 4.30pm, with a lunch break from 12nn-1pm. Just tell them that you intend to study in a Korean university and for application purposes you need a Consular Confirmation. It’s better to go in the morning because I went in the morning (around 11am) and they told me that I could only collect it after 4pm on the same day. There is a charge of $10 if I remember correctly. You can refer the their website for more information:

There is this thing about Apostille for countries that are in the agreement (sadly Singapore is not included that’s why we need to go through all the trouble of Consular Confirmation T_______T). Countries that are in the Apostille Agreement will have a designated institute in the country issuing the Apostille (ie ensuring that the copy is a true copy). For example, the Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade is in charge of issuing the Apostille. If you are a citizen of a country in the agreement, please check the issuing institute and get an Apostille. Of course you are also allowed to get the Consular Confirmation from the Korean Embassy in your country. Citizens of countries not in the Apostille can only get the Consular Confirmation. This link gives a list of countries in the Apostille agreement:

Most would require application by post, so please make sure that your envelope is postmarked on the date of the deadline if you’re a last minute person (like me xD) If you register your mail, the post office will postmark your envelope immediately but if you don’t register it, they may postmark it only the next day. It is advisable to register your mail because one of my teacher’s recommendation letter was lost in transit T____T Luckily the school said that at least one is enough ^^ The package will take about 6-8 days to reach Korea (usually 6 based on experience).

There is an application fee, for Yonsei it’s KRW150,000. UIC requires telegraphic transfer to their Woori Bank account, which gave me a huge headache. What happens is that you go to POSB (or any other banks that you have an account in) and ask for a telegraphic transfer form, and fill in the form. The school had only provided the SWIFT code for me, and the POSB lady had insisted that I get the address as well since it was the first time I was wiring money over. But the website didn’t provide me with the address of their Woori Bank account, so I was at a loss of what to do. Moreover, the school requires a bank statement or receipt to prove your transfer, which will take a week to send. So it was troubling for someone as last minute as me (deadline was 1st Apr and I was trying to transfer on 30th Mar D:) In the end I just mailed the carbon copy of the telegraphic transfer form I filled in. There are also bank charges, POSB charged me SGD$30 and Woori Bank charged SGD$23 for this telegraphic transfer. Can’t really remember the rates of other banks, but I remember that they were all about the same or even more expensive which was why I chose POSB. Also in recent years we can now do overseas funds transfer via i-banking, I haven’t really explored that yet but I think the charges are lesser than if you go do it at the bank.

With that, you are done with applications! The feeling is really, relief washing over you ^^ I remember walking out of the post office feeling as if I could float, because for the week leading up to the deadline I was rushing around after work to settle the application stuff. Lesson learnt: Start early not just on the essays and teacher’s recommendations, but the administrative stuff of application as well eg application fee!

If you intend to pursue a degree using Korean as the language medium, the university would expect a Level 4 at least on the TOPIK (Test of Proficiency in Korean), and your certificate as proof. For more information on the test you can refer to their website here:


105 thoughts on “Application

  1. haz says:


    I’m a Singaporean and planning to apply to UIC as well. I’m confused with certain parts in the application form. For e.g, what do I write for the average grade (as written in the transcript). I’m an ‘A’ level holder. I’m hoping you could help me. Thank you.

    • studyinkorea says:

      Hello!! Are you applying for Spring 2012?? ^^ I’ll be glad to help!! πŸ˜€

      For the average grade thing, can you be more specific? Cos there’s nowhere in the application form that asked for average grade.. Or do you mean the section on Test Information where they need you to fill in the SAT or standardized test scores? (:

      • haz says:

        Hi.. πŸ™‚
        Yes, i plan to apply for Spring 2012. The average grade thing is just above the Test Information Section. It’s under the Academics section. And regarding the Test information, I fill in the standardized test scores with my ‘A’ level results?
        Btw if you don’t mind me asking, were you offered a place? I’m hoping they are not too strict on the selection.

        • studyinkorea says:

          Oh I didn’t have that part in my application form! The Academics part right.. Hmm I think you should email the admissions office at this email: to check with them, because most Singaporean JCs don’t give the class rank thing and we also don’t use the GPA system..

          Yup, you should fill in your A Level results in the “other standardized exams” section (: If you’ve taken the SATs then you can fill it in too! (:

          Yeah I’m offered a place and I’m starting school this Fall πŸ˜€ I’m not too sure about how stringent the selection is, but I’ve seen somewhere that for early decision in 2009 they accepted an average of 2100+ based on SAT scores.. And that’s for early decision, so normal admission will have lower requirements I guess (: Once you’ve managed to gain yourself an interview based on the strength of your application then it should be easier to convince them to accept you if you prepare yourself well for the interview! πŸ˜€

  2. haz says:

    Congratulations! I’m sure you’re super excited πŸ™‚

    I did not take the SATs. Is it advisable to take the SATs? Will it strengthen my application? I hope you don’t mind me throwing many questions at you. Thank you so much for answering. I feel like an idiot..heh πŸ˜›

    • studyinkorea says:

      Thanks!!! Yeah I’m super excited πŸ˜€

      Hmm if you feel that your A Level results are not strong enough, you can try taking the SATs ^^ It’s much easier compared to the A Levels, so with good preparation you’ll do well (: It’ll definitely strengthen your application if you do well for it (: But I’m not too sure when the next test date is… :/ Probably in Oct..

      Haha no problem!! I’d love to help others and make new friends at the same time ^^ And haha I felt lost too when I was applying and everything so I understand how you feel xD

  3. haz says:

    I was super glad to have come across your posts. I’ll still be feeling lost if I didn’t. πŸ™‚

    The next test date will be in OCT. By then, the application for Spring 2012 has already closed. hmm…I’m thinking I should take the test. I feel that my results are not strong enough..considering I did not score any A on my main subjects. (only Bs and Cs). Well unless they looked at my AO subjects, then you’ll find an A there. πŸ˜›

    Btw you should totally write about your study life in Korea. People like me will be thankful. Hehe..

    Thank you so much. πŸ™‚

    • studyinkorea says:

      Hmm if you have a strong co-curricular background it might help too ^^ But if the next SAT test date is after the Spring 2012 application deadline how will it help your application O.O

      Haha I’m thinking of writing about my study life too… No problem, I’ll try my best!! Hopefully school won’t be too busy yet since it’s only the first sem πŸ˜€

  4. haz says:

    Hmm..I was very active in sports during secondary school and JC. I was part of my CCA team that achieved second position 2 years in row. I also joined the photography society and served as the secretary and was in charge of the admin matters. I did received a recommendation letter, an EAGLE award and some other awards as well.I don’t it strong enough? haha… ^___^

    Oh, there’s a section where I can tick that I will be taking the SAT Test and indicate the date of the test.

    So, when will you be going to Korea? Do you know anyone there? πŸ˜›

    • studyinkorea says:

      I think that’s quite strong!! So hopefully you’ll be able to get an interview if all goes well πŸ˜€

      Oh so remember to indicate on the collegeboard website to send your SAT scores to Yonsei! There are some SAT guidebooks/practices that you can borrow from the library to time and prepare yourself for the test ^^

      I’ll be arriving in Korea on 21st Aug! I don’t know anyone there, but the seniors are really nice, they created a fb group for us so now I know some of my classmates from fb ^^

  5. haz says:


    Have a safe flight! Have fun getting to know your new classmates. I really hope you will be able to adapt to the new environment without any problems ^^

    • studyinkorea says:

      Hey thanks!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ I’m excited about going haha but being pretty afraid of the cold I think winter will be tough hehe xD I’ll try to post up stuff when I’m there ^^

  6. ilusmin says:

    Hi, I’m Liang Hui’s friend. (: I was wondering if you’re free to answer a couple of questions I have esp. on the course you’re taking? I’m considering applying to Yonsei, but have a couple of concerns wrt studying in Korea.

    It’ll be great if you can drop me an email, but I can understand if you’re too busy with your studies. (:


  7. Rik says:


    I’ve got a questions, I’m preparing my own admissoon for UIC for the next fall semester.
    In your application process, do you submit your middle-school transcripts, as well? How do you manage the process about translating and verfiying??
    By the way… what’s your major? I wanna chose economics. How is it about the interview? Were there a lot of tricky questions, or only motivated personal/related questions? How much people sat in front of you?
    I’m looking forward to hear from you, there are not so many site on the web, who offers more information.. . Thanks!!

    Greets from Seoul, Rik

    • studyinkorea says:

      Hi Rik! ^^ I’m glad that you’re choosing UIC :DD

      I submitted my middle school transcript as well. I’m from Singapore so my transcripts are in English and everything is fine. Are your transcripts in Korean? If they are I’m not too sure if they need translation as well, you can try contacting the Admin Office of UIC at +82 (0)2 2123 3923 to check with them (:

      I intend to major in International Studies. IS and Econ are the 2 most popular majors in UIC ^^ My interview was done through the phone, it was pretty okay with personal questions and future goals and things like that, but I heard from my Korean friends that for the face-to-face in Korea it was scary and they asked them difficult questions D: But my friend from Indonesia who went for the face-to-face interview said her interview was fine.. So I guess it depends if you’re trying to enter through the international students track or Korean students track (:

  8. teehee says:

    just wanna let you know this post has really helped me a lot in my applications πŸ™‚
    i practically planned my gather-administrative-everything day (today!) around the details you gave and it worked out really well! helps a lot that i’m singaporean too so figuring out apostilles and etc — you practically did it all for me πŸ˜‰

    • studyinkorea says:

      No problem!!! I’m really happy cos my whole point of creating this blog was to help applicants through the tedious application process and hope that they won’t face the difficulties I had been through!! I know how stressful it is during applications period keke, all the best!! :DD Are you planning to come to UIC? Let me know if I’m going to become your sunbae! keke xDD

      • teehee says:

        Yeah it’s really stressful!! Just finished preparing my whole package and i’m feeling the RELIEF!!! Yupp UIC πŸ™‚ the curriculum, the country are all ideal for me (I’m interested in IS too)
        Love your write ups about life there, you should be paid for this!! I’m totally bought over

        • studyinkorea says:

          Hahaha I really hope that you will come in Fall!! There should really be more Singaporeans in UIC, we’re like underpopulated or smth haha πŸ˜› There are only 3 Singaporeans I think T_____T

          Hehe glad that you enjoy reading the posts ^^ I should try to collect $ from UIC for advertising for them hahaha xDDD

  9. Dipesh Silwal says:

    Hello Everyone.!
    I am thinking to enroll in September period 2012 but I don’t have enough information about the courses,fees and english taught classes.
    If possible please do reply.
    It would be good if you provide some info about Yonsei Uni.(wonju branch).I can’t get access to english brochure of that campus and also the fees and courses offered.!
    And lastly!!
    Is any language proficiency required for the enrollment.?
    I don’t have anything like that in korean language except IELTS score.(will that work)?

    • studyinkorea says:

      Hmm for Sept 2012 you would have missed the deadline for UIC but I think you’re probably still in time for EIC application! EIC is EastAsia International College based in Wonju campus. This is the EIC website (it’s in English)

      I’m sorry but I personally don’t know much about Wonju campus >< But my friend studying there says that there are other departments that offer courses in English too.. I'm sorry but I can't find the Wonju website in English (there seems to be some technical error D:) My friend is studying in EIC there… I would recommend you to check out the EIC website first, or you could send an email to to inform them of the error in the English website for Wonju..

      Language proficiency in Korean is only required if you intend to take courses that are taught in Korean. However, if you intend to take courses conducted in English and you're not a native speaker, you would need TOEFL or some sort of English proficiency test scores ^^

  10. Dipesh Silwal says:

    Thank you for your help.!
    For me its not a complusion that university should be loacted in Wonju or only Yonsei.
    Any of the Uni. that conduct courses in English will be good.
    Please suggest some such Uni. which doesnot require korean language proficiency score at first but after the selection I can take course in korean language offered by the Uni.
    I wanna come to korea at any cost. So suggest some Uni that are easy to apply and selection(no interview and all)

    • studyinkorea says:

      Many universities have classes conducted in English. Korea University, Ewha Women’s University, and I heard KAIST have classes in English too (: I’m not too sure about the others..

      However if you were to enter the university, there will definitely be an application process and the selection interview. I don’t think there is any university here that does not require application and an interview, especially for classes conducted in English. Therefore I would recommend that you prepare well for the application and interview as well (: I’m not too sure about application requirements for the universities (such as which are “easy to apply”) so maybe you can email the admission office of the universities for more information..

  11. Reb says:

    Hi there, I am happy to hear that you are in UIC, I was wondering if you would be willing to help me a bit? I from the US & i wish to study there but I am unsure of how well I can compete against other applicants. What was your SAT score? I will be taking mine in November and I am trying to study for it as much as possible in hopes of landing a high score. My class rank was 7th and I graduated with a 4.8056, do you think this would mark me as a good student if perhaps my SAT scores were not great? Thank you for your time!!!

    • studyinkorea says:

      Hi!! I scored 2060 on the SAT.. My high school didn’t use the GPA system so I don’t really have a concept of how high a 4.8 is >< I think UIC looks at grades and also your extracurricular activities… So if you took part in many school activities it's a bonus too (: But I did hear that SAT is sort of the main exam they would look at since it's a national exam in your own country, so I would advise you to study hard now and worry about the scores later! Also, it doesn't hurt to try applying so just go ahead and apply! If you get a high score in the documents review round they will have an interview and that's when you can impress the professors too ^^

  12. Reb says:

    Thank you so much for your reply! It really does help me! Over here, having all straight A’s is a 4.0 GPA, and I received a 4.8 because of my honors and AP classes, which add extra points to my GPA, but I didn’t do so well on my AP exams, so I think I may leave those scores out of my application. I will be taking the SATs in November to try to get a higher score and I will surely apply by April. Also, how easy is it to get a scholarship? I know that once you apply you are eligible for a scholarship but that is only if you get a high score during your admission process. I am so sorry for all the questions, but I really do appreciate all the info. I feel as though UIC is still relatively unknown so it is very difficult for me to find someone that I can look to for guidance during the application process. Thank you once again!

  13. alltheloveabove says:

    Hi again! πŸ™‚
    I’ve made up my mind and am now set on going to UIC. I will do anything to get in. πŸ˜€ hawhaw. For the application purpose, do I need SAT’s if I submit my IB Score? Also, what kind of extra curricula’s (chapparangs?) do you need for UIC? I am doing alot of service, and IB actually requires me to do 25 hours of creativity, action and service each year. Will that be okay?
    I’m so excited. ^_^ Finally, do you know what the average scores should be to be even considered?

    Thanks so, so much.
    God Bless.

    • studyinkorea says:

      Hey~ Great that you’re planning to join us!!! :DD Hmm if you have IB then it’s not mandatory to submit SAT, unless you’ve also taken the SATs and gotten good scores for it, then you can include it to make your application stronger ^^ Yup the extra curriculars are things like volunteer service or student clubs etc, so I think that would be good enough!! (Sorry if it caused any confusion, chapparang is a slang in Singapore haha D:)

      There’s no stated requirement/score, since students are from many countries and took different exams and stuff.. Admissions is based on your score in the document review round (200 points) with all your extra curriculars, grades, achievements, essays etc and the interview round (100 points) so yeah (: But I did see online somewhere in 2008 that for UIC early decision that year the average SAT score was 2100? Kinda outdated information though, cos admissions for UIC has become more competitive since then, but I guess you can use that as a gauge? ><

      Hope that helped!!^^

  14. Jennifer Cho says:

    Hi!!! This helped me a lot. But I want you to help me further please!
    First of all, I’m 100% Korean and I have a Korean passport, but I never lived in Korea before. What I mean is after I was born I left Korea when I was 2 years old and I came to Hong Kong. So basically, I studied and is studying in Hong Kong since kindergarten.
    Secondly, I am applying to Yonsei University but it says I need to contact the UIC office or something if I’m going there and I did and now I’m waiting for their reply. But I need to do my online application, so do I do it through this website?
    Lastly, about the essays, we only need to write two right? Just to make sure!

    Can you please help me!!!!

    Thank you!!

    • studyinkorea says:

      Hi Jennifer!

      First you need to let me know if you’re applying to general Yonsei or to UIC specifically. From what I know, as long as you’re ethnic Korean (especially since you have a Korean passport) and are applying to UIC, you would have to apply through the Yonsei Office of Admissions, and not through UIC office international students track. And yes, just 2 essays if it’s the UIC application (:

      I’m sorry for the late reply though, I was busy with school and I didn’t check the blog. But I hope that your application went smoothly (:

    • studyinkorea says:

      Hey~ I’m not sure about the statistics of all applicants but for those who’ve been contacting with me, almost all of them were admitted to UIC (I would say 80%? Just a rough gauge haha) so yeah ^^

    • studyinkorea says:

      There was no personal statement required (as far as I remember) but we only had a choice for the first essay. I chose the one about current issues/news. I would recommend that you choose the essay topic according to how it would increase your chances for admissions into the major you want to join (if you already have an idea). For example, since I already decided to major in International Studies, I chose the question on current news to demonstrate my understanding and opinions about news and stuff (:

  15. greatdisadvantage says:

    Hello! πŸ™‚ Are there any early admission/early decision tracks? I gather that there is a spring and fall admission, what months do these fall under? I graduate in June 2014 but apparently I have to submit my IB predicted scores. Do you know anything about this?
    Thank you so much.

    • studyinkorea says:

      Technically as long as you apply before you graduate/get your actual scores it is considered to be early decision, which is why you would have to submit your IB predicted scores if you intend to join the application for 2nd round (deadline in December this year), since you won’t have your actual IB scores yet. Spring admission is in March and Fall admission is in September.. If you graduate in June 2014 then you can only apply for admission in Fall 2014 or later.. (:

  16. Kayla says:

    Hello! I really appreciate the fact you set up this blog to help people like us who are at a complete loss of how to begin application! πŸ™‚

    I intend to apply to Yonsei, department of pre-medicine. I know UIC is a separate entity from the college of med, but I hope you can help me!

    I know that they do not accept pre-med applications in Fall, only Spring. But I missed the application deadline earlier this year 😦 So is the only option left to wait until I get my A level results in march then apply? Can I apply with my predicted grades/ prelim results?

    Also, I am aware that I require a level 5 TOPIK cert. At current, I don’t have any cert, but I am able to read and write in hangul, with some vocab knowledge. I was wondering if I should apply to Yonsei’s Korean Language Institute now and then apply for pre-med later, but then I’m worried I won’t secure a place in the latter. Or should I attend a TOPIK crash course locally (SG) immediately after my As end? Do you think it is possible to attain level 5 in that time frame (dec-mar)?

    I would really appreciate your help! If I do get into Yonsei, I really must meet you and thank you in person πŸ™‚

    • studyinkorea says:

      Hello! No problem about it (: I myself was more or less at a complete loss too and met with so many challenges on the way so I thought I’d share my experience so that others will have a smoother application process ^^

      Firstly, you haven’t missed the deadline for Spring 2014! The deadline is August 21 (: I’m not sure if Pre-Med accepts predicted scores, but then I believe the problem is with Korean proficiency.

      If you refer to the admissions guide ( ), it says on Page 8 that all students applying for Pre-Med have to submit their TOPIK Level 5 scores by application deadline. Meaning you don’t have an option of submitting a Level 4 or below score then taking Korean classes after that. I guess it’s because it’s a more intensive course so you really need the Korean proficiency before you can start taking classes from the department.

      Based on experience, most would be able to get a TOPIK Level 4 within 9 months~1 year of studies at Korean Language Institutes in Korea.. For Level 5 or 6, you may need an additional 6 months~1 year depending on your own speed.. So logically I would say that it’s really difficult to get a Level 4 in 4 months, much less a level 5 D:

      If you are really keen on doing pre-med at Yonsei, I would suggest that you really take out 1 year to study at KLI in Yonsei (or any other Korean university), for a couple of reasons. Firstly, coming to learn in Korea would immerse you in the environment and you would be able to use the language regularly. It will help you learn faster too. Secondly, I believe that you really want to learn in the pre-med course, so Korean proficiency is very important. In fact, you may need to know Korean even better than say, Chinese, because that’s the primary language of instruction. If you take your studies seriously, then you first have to make sure that your Korean foundation is strong. There are a few Singaporean students studying in Korean undergraduate programmes now, fulfilling only the minimum TOPIK requirement (usually level 3 or 4), which I feel is not enough to be able to understand classes, which is why they struggle a lot in their studies..

      If what I said above didn’t scare you away (haha), then I would suggest that to save some time, you can first take some intensive Korean classes in Singapore before you go to Korea. I’m not sure when the semester for the language institutes in Korea starts, and whether you want to stay in Singapore until you get your A Level results, so if you decide that you want to/need to stay in Singapore for a period of time first, then in this period of time you should take some Korean classes. This will help you maybe skip to a Level 1-2 class when you actually attend Korean language institute in Korea after taking their placement test.. (:

      Don’t worry about not getting into pre-med after taking KLI for a year or so, because there are lots and lots of Koreans who even come to pre-med after graduating from undergrad, or failed entrance exams to Yonsei pre-med initially and they keep trying for another 1 or 2 more years.. So many pre-med students in Yonsei are actually older than your average undergrad student.. But the school still accepts them regardless of age or whatever, because what counts is that your scores (ie A Level scores/scores in school) will remain the same, and your portfolio will only keep improving if you say improve Korean proficiency or take a part-time job at a clinic or things like that..

      I hope you don’t feel discouraged, because really I’m not trying to scare you away, but to let you know what is really needed and what is necessary for you to benefit the most from your education, if you eventually make the choice to take pre-med in Yonsei, based on what I see from people around me. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask ^^

      • Kayla says:

        Thank you so much for your reply!

        I guess I would definitely have to spend at least a year at KLI. Now I’m stuck at the application. After I clicked on the green button, it leads me to register but I need a korean phone number which I obviously don’t have.. Could you tell me if I’m on the right track or is there somewhere else I’m supposed to register?

        Wow it’s so tedious to apply to a Korean university.. ><

        • studyinkorea says:

          Oh but if you are attending KLI, why are you applying to pre-med now? O.O They would only take in the application after you obtain the TOPIK Level 5 I think…

          Hmm I checked the application and yeah, it requires a Korean mobile phone number >< I would suggest that you email the Yonsei Admissions Office at and check with them regarding this.. (And maybe also double-check whether you can apply for pre-med now when you don't have your TOPIK yet)

  17. williampan96 says:


    Thank you so much! Finally have an idea of what admission is like for international students!

    We actually have a college counselor at our school dedicated to helping students apply to Korean universities. And according to him, I am the very first non-korean that is interested in applying to UIC, or even any Korean universities. Which is why it is really hard for me to know how much of a chance I have of being accepted since the internet has like no information on this.

    From looking through the comments, it looks pretty harsh academically. I don’t really have good scores (TOEFL 104, combined SAT 1820, IB predicted probably between 32-34) when compared to what i’m seeing in the comments.. However, it seems like most people who talked to you got in, so here i am trying my luck πŸ˜‰

    • studyinkorea says:

      Ohhh I’m glad to hear that you’re going to try!! I always encourage people to try, because you never know ^^ I think it’s worse to not try and live in regret always wondering about what would have happened….. Anyway when I was applying I was just trying out to, and look where it brought me πŸ˜€ Let me know if you need any help and good luck!! ^^

      By the way, would you mind letting me know which country you’re from (or where you are studying now?) Just out of curiosity because it’s interesting that your school has a counselor specially for Korean universities (:

  18. krystal says:

    Hi. I am very happy to see that you are willing to help us to get into UIC despite your busy schedule, cause i’m in term of doing everything with my UIC applications before deadline in December, so i’ll be really appreciate if you can answer my questions.
    I want to be majored in Biology Technology but i havent had TOEFL yet but i’ll take it someday in December. Is it alright if my applications don’t have TOEFL score and i’ll send it to UIC after i applied?
    Besides, i know that UIC have scholarship for International students, but I not sure how to get one so I would be really appreciate if you show me how to apply for a scholarship
    Please reply to my email and thank you again for your advices and experiences.

  19. krystal says:

    Thank you so much for your reply! It really does help me a lot! And seriously I really appreciate the fact that you made this blog to help foreigner students like me to overcome the hardship while applying to Korea Universities. I am either an English or Korea native speaker and I decided to apply to UIC a week ago when there is just a month left till deadline. So I am like crazy with everyhting ( translating papers, essay, applications..) and still not so sure with everyhting untill I found out your blog. Now I finally have an idea what admission is like for Internetional students and life in Korea. So thank you again for all your hardwork! πŸ™‚

  20. Matilda Fernandes says:

    I hope you are still answering questions. I’m rather curious and worried.
    I plan to apply to UIC for the Fall 2014 Semester to major in Political Science and International Relations. I am an Indian student and I follow the CBSE Syllabus..i graduated from grade 10 with 100% results and now i am currently in 12th Grade. The thing is my SAT scores aren’t that great. In my first shot I got 1480. would you recommend me to take the SATs again? and if so, what do you think is the average score. Also is the acceptance really rigid or do I have a fair chance? And finally, are there Indian students in the uni?
    I would appreciate your guidance
    Thank you πŸ™‚

    • studyinkorea says:

      Hello Matilda! Sorry for the late reply as I’ve been rushing papers for the end of the semester.

      I’m not so sure about the education system of India, but do you perhaps have a national exam? (For instance, in Singapore we have the GCE A Level exams from Cambridge). In the recruitment talk I attended back in high school, the professor said that they would consider the results of our national exam more because they know that our main examination is not the SAT. In any case, if it is possible, I would suggest for you to take the SAT again if you are confident of getting a higher score, because a higher score is always more helpful. I’m not sure about the average score, but when I was applying 3 years ago I did see from online that UIC accept early-decision students with SAT scores of about 2100. I hope that can be helping in gauging.

      Acceptance has gotten competitive as the years go by (I’ve been in contact with applicants since I started my blog and I see that even among those who have contacted me, the acceptance rate is getting lower). However, I would still encourage you to give it a try if you believe that this is where you really want to go. For me, I would have had much regrets if I didn’t even try applying.

      There is 1 Indian student as far as I know, but her family lives in Korea due to her dad’s job. I’m not very sure of the incoming freshmen though (:

      I hope that helped! ^^

    • williampan96 says:


      Just thought I should let you know that I got admitted to UIC! Just got my results on the 9th!

      Thank you very much for sharing your experiences and helping applicants like me with the understanding the process πŸ™‚

      I’m really curious about what both the academic and social environment at UIC is like?

      I also really want to improve my Korean to the level where I can confidently say I am fluent in the language. Do you have any time to study at an KLI if you study at UIC? I mean with all the coursework and the social life you have to deal with.

      How many nationalities are there at UIC? And what is the percentage like? Also, is the main language for communication English?

      Thank you so much! πŸ™‚

      • studyinkorea says:

        Congratulations on your admission! πŸ˜€

        I think UIC is a good mix of studying and playing. Students are very involved in various clubs, and especially in Songdo it’s easy to see many students hanging out both on campus and downtown. But when it comes to exam time, they all study hard too!

        It may be difficult in the first year (due to distance, I think KLI at Songdo does not offer part time courses), but once you come to Sinchon it’s possible to take part-time KLI classes (held in the evenings). I haven’t tried it personally, and it also depends on your own level of commitment to your clubs and studies, but I have had friends from UIC taking part-time studies at KLI too. But generally they would take less credits for that semester (usually 12 credits instead of 15 or 18).

        I think the latest figure was over 40 countries and territories or something, though that might have changed (with people graduating and freshmen coming in). I would estimate about 10~20% to be international students (though if you include the overseas Koreans who have lived outside of Korea most of their lives the figure would be much much higher). Since classes are all conducted in English, English is the main language of communication (: But of course, if you know Korean it would be easier to make friends with other Korean students outside of UIC as well ^^

        • williampan96 says:

          Thanks for the information!

          It’s quite a personal question, but what made you decide to go to UIC or Korea for university and why? I have received offers from prestigious universities in the UK as well and it is currently really hard for me to decide on where to go.

          I have visited both countries, and I know I’ll be happier If I study in Korea. However, it is the future I am worrying about, like finding a job etc. My Korean friends have told me that It is really hard for foreigners to find a job in Korea. And Korean university degrees are still not as internationally accepted.

          • studyinkorea says:

            A lot of it was personal interest for me. I was interested in International Studies, particularly the Northeast Asian region, so I wanted to study in the region. And since I already knew Chinese and Japanese, I thought it would be good if I can pick up Korean too. Korea is not a common destination for people from my country (most go to US UK Australia), but I decided that it was a path suitable for my interest. So it really depends on your interest as well.

            Since Korea is not a common destination, I also had worries about finding jobs. It really depends on what you want to do, because for Korean companies that are trying to reach out of Korea, they search for foreign students, and usually they contact UIC to post recruitment notices (since UIC is one of the colleges in Korea with the most international background). There are also many MNCs operating in Korea that are looking for employees with international background. There are also alumni who found jobs with MNCs, then they get sent back to their home countries at the regional offices. So your international background and degree from Yonsei is advantageous to you in certain companies. But if you’re looking at really local companies then of course it’s a little harder, since they would prefer locals who can communicate effectively with the locals in the industry.

            I do agree that Korean university degrees are not as internationally accepted as UK degree. But I think it really depends on where you think you want to go and what you think you can be satisfied with – think of what is the worst scenario you can accept, and whether the degree can help you get your backup plan at least – and maybe that will help you better. I know everything sounds vague and it’s difficult for you to make a choice, especially since you probably are still not sure of what you want to do in future, but I hope that you will be able to make a choice that you will be happy with (:

      • singaporetohanguk says:

        Hi William, I saw your previous comment regarding your academic achievements and I have actually about the same grades, do you mind me asking if you managed to get the admission scholarship? πŸ™‚ anyway, congratulations on your acceptance!

  21. trapnest says:

    hello! thank you for writing such helpful information for UIC applicants!!
    I want to ask if i can still send an email to you to ask some questions about the application process? i’m going to apply for Fall semester 2014. thanks a lot!!

  22. Wei Lin says:

    Hi! ^^
    I have emailed you questions regarding application to UIC.
    Hope you’ll be able to take some time to read them πŸ˜€
    If you’re busy and unable to do so, I perfectly understand! πŸ™‚
    Anyway, thank you so much for creating this really helpful and informative blog! It really makes application much clearer! ^^

  23. senwldsp says:

    Hi! ^^
    I hope you are still answering questions >...<
    You mentioned in your post that high school transcripts would refer to our prelim result slip. Does it include the overall result slip as well? Is it a must for us to send our prelim result slip over or is the Alevel result slip enough?
    You also mentioned about middle school transcripts, but it isn't listed under the "Required Documents" list. Do we still need to send our secondary school result slips over?
    In the application form, there is a part "Letter of Verification" that is to be filled out by a teacher or a registrar. May I know if it's ok to let any teacher or the school's general office fill this up?

    I am so sorry about bothering you so much!!

    • studyinkorea says:

      Since we don’t have graduation certificate even at the time of application, you should send in your prelim result slip as least, to meet the transcript part (: If you don’t wish to send secondary school transcripts then it’s not a problem too!
      I’m not so sure about the “Letter of Verification” part, I didn’t have this part in my application so I can’t be 100% sure, but either the teacher or general office would do (:
      Good luck for your application! It’s no problem at all ^^

  24. Joshua Gonzalez says:

    Hey I stumbled across your blog while looking for information regarding application UIC. I have filled up most of my application but the thing is “the letter of verificaiton” requires it be filled out by a counsellor or teacher. I forgot to ask the office to fill it out and now im on spring break for 2 weeks! The application deadline is on April 3rd or 5th but I think im going to miss the deadline, do they have any extensions? whens the next time I can apply?

    • Joshua Gonzalez says:

      Oh I plan on applying to Life Sciences and Bio Technology if that helps

      and i totally agree on the “START EARLY ON APPLICATIONS”

    • studyinkorea says:

      As long as the package is postmarked by the deadline, the application will be accepted. However I don’t think they give extensions unless you have a really good reason.. I’m not sure what the letter of verification is (is that the teacher’s recommendation or is that something else?) but one thing you could do is just to send out everything else except this letter of verification, and hope that UIC will consider the application.. If it is not an important part of the application they might just let it go, but that’s just my guess.. I’m not in charge of admissions or anything so I can’t be sure. In any case, the next application would be for Spring 2015 intake, and the deadline would be some time mid-August. Good luck and hope that things will go well!

  25. Kate says:

    Hi! Your blog has helped guide me on what I need to prepare for the consular confirmation to a korean university.

    I really want to go to Korea for university education and eventually end up working there if I can.

    But, I am afraid of the uncertainties that might occur in Korea.

    What made you decide that Korea is the right & only choice for you?

    How did you overcome those “uncertain thoughts” or that fear that you may not be able to work in Korea….

    • studyinkorea says:

      Hello Kate!

      Saying that Korea is the “right and only choice” is a little extreme, but a large part of my decision was not so much centered on Korea but more on UIC itself. I got to know about the International Studies major of UIC, and thought that was a perfect fit for what I wanted to do. I also was very attracted to the small class size and interactive discussions in the liberal arts system, and that’s why I decided to come. And it was also because my area of interest is the Northeast Asian region, and I already know Japanese and Chinese, so it would be very useful if I could pick up Korean as well, and of course it is best to learn about the region if you stay there, so that further encouraged me to apply.

      I think the key is to be open to the opportunities that come along your way, and not to fix yourself on one path only. If I don’t get job offers in Korea but I get one in Singapore, why not just go back? If I don’t get a job offer in Korea but I get one in Hong Kong, why not try it out? I believe that if you’re really doing what you like and enjoy, you will be able to face up to the uncertainties and deal with them, and even if you later find some difficulties for example in the job market, you would still never regret your choice (:

      I hope that little bit of advice helped!

  26. Tan Jia Min says:

    Hi, can i check with u if u submitted your PSLE cert? Cos im quite confused with my application form…the required documents section only stated high school diploma (so i got that notarised already), but the application form section where i have to fill up my academic history, the instruction said that “all information including elementary, middle, and high schools must be accurately specified below based on the certificates that prove your academic background.” This made me unsure if i should submit my PSLE cert n get it notarised as well… :X maybe u could suggest how u would interpret this instruction? Thanks in advance…

  27. parkour says:

    Just wondering how many Korean words one has to know to reach a level 3 or 4 for TOPIK II exam? I’m looking to sit the 36th in a couple of months.

  28. Caden says:

    Hi i was wondering if Yonsei University accepts Singapore Polytechnic Diploma Certificates for admission to Undergraduates course. Studying Business Studies. Please let me know! Thank You!

  29. singaporetohanguk says:

    Hi! I am from Singapore too and I’m considering applying to UIC too! Actually, they came to my school for a talk as well and I was really attracted by the courses that they offered. Initially I planned to apply for Spring semester but I was really worried because my prelim results were HORRIBLE (My SAT score was only 1900+ too) so I decided to wait until A level results are out next year. But now A levels have started and honestly I don’t feel very confident about it! This might be a rather personal and sensitive question but can I ask what were your A level scores? (If you’re uncomfortable with revealing it it’s completely fine! I don’t mean to be rude/insensitive but I’d just like to know roughly their standards for admissions) Or rather, what is the rough gauge for the cut off point for admissions? I will need an admission scholarship as well because of financial reasons so I will need rather good grades right? The professor did mention that they were very highly interested in students from my school and did offer to give one or two students scholarships if they apply but he said that the minimum grade would be a C+. I’m not sure how that translates to our grading system though and they might have just said that in passing, LOL. Anyway, I would really love to attend UIC next year and your blog has been a really huge help! πŸ™‚ i would really appreciate if you could drop me an email, and thank you so much! πŸ™‚

  30. Jane says:

    Hi! I have a question regarding the admission process.. I applied to UIC for the 2nd round and it says the interview announcement is on December 12th, 2014 — is that they day they tell me I passed the first stage and when they’re going to pick an interview date? It says that they are going to call twice, including the interview announcement date…? :p I received an email from them saying they got my application package and said I needed to send my apostille stuff before the matriculation date, etc. but didn’t say anything about me passing/failing the first stage… is that normal? Lol, just a little worried πŸ˜‰

    • studyinkorea says:

      I’m so sorry that I got to this so late! I’m guessing that you already had your question solved. But usually the date of interview announcement is the day they email you to tell you when your interview is scheduled for, so if you received the email it means that you passed the first round πŸ™‚ Good luck for your application! ^^

  31. Suzy says:

    Well I applied for UIC in the International Relations Major and I’ve already done my interview. I should get a reply from UIC on the 8th of this month and to be honest I am pretty nervous. I didn’t have any SAT or IB’s like most of you guys are talking about? I only had the national exams from my country and I’m from Portugal. My internal average without exams was 90% and with exmas 87.5%, since each exam (4 of them) count for 30% of the final grade of the class.
    Overall I think my interview well, except for the initial question of why Korea since I was so nervous and I said “I’m not quite sure how to explain this, but I cultures is something that I always been interested in and passionate about. I was in Korea and the experience of communicating with people with such different customs/culture was great…” That sort of reply. My interviewer laughed and agreed with me since he was from California and from there on I guess I relaxed a bit more and was able to explain myself better, But, he didn’t ask me about future goal, which I found a bit weird? Yet, I talked a bit about wanting to pursue graduate studies later on when it was my turn to do some questions. The interviw was about 18 min long for me, I think that is the usual?
    To be honest, I’m quite nervous, because I have no clue of the possibility of me being accepted or not!
    But, seriously this blog is great! I was able to understand a bit more about the application process thank to it πŸ˜€

  32. Kimmy says:

    Hi, I sent you an e-mail but you haven’t responded TT_TT. I don’t know if you still reply on this website but I wanted to know how exactly UIC’s scholarship granting works. For example, do they give full scholarships based on only academics or a mixture of academics and extra curricular activities? Did you get one or do you know anyone that got one? I’m from Jamaica by the way.

  33. ironiclips says:

    Hello! I am a Poly student who is due to complete her diploma by 2017. I would like to ask if Diploma Holders are able to apply for Kyunghee/Seoul Arts Uni?

    ( My diploma is unrelated to my interested course.)

    • studyinkorea says:

      Hi, a poly diploma would be considered the equivalent of high school, so you would be able to apply for undergraduate programs, even if it’s unrelated to the major you plan to apply for! Good luck πŸ™‚

  34. Karan Daryanani says:

    Hey! I hope you’re still replying to these. I graduated from tjc last year but had a gap year and stuff s applying this year. Anyway, I am actually using the Common Application for some other Universities, and realised yonsei was there too as an option. I’m just not sure if I should just go the paper route since it seems like its all in one place, and the UIC website never actualy mentioned the use of the Common Application System. Do you have any friends that used the online version? Also, what is the grade range like for econs students?

  35. Fariha Farid says:

    Hi…So I was checking countries in which TOPIK is held. Unfortunately, it is not there for my country…I’m crying…Please tell me what to do!!!
    I hope you reply…I am waiting…

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